Proud Saab tradition freshly digitized "En bil från Saab-ANA"

Proud Saab tradition, freshly digitized! Our latest promotion goes online. "En bil från Saab-ANA" goes back a long way to the last century when Saab-ANA sold new Saab 96 and 99. Saab-ANA was a large car dealership in Sweden, with branches in many cities across the country. As a direct subsidiary of Saab Automobile AB, it dominated the domestic market until Saab was taken over by GM. Then the paths parted.

En bil från Saab ANA
En bil från Saab ANA

The realization - not easy

We used a historical sticker as a template for the remake, which unfortunately was too badly damaged and yellowed to be used in the original.

The ancient font also became a problem. It could have been Saab specific, around 70 years old and nowhere more documented. The research led via “Search and guess” to a current font that is only based on the historical original.

The stickers are transparent and contour-cut
The stickers are transparent and contour-cut

The challenge for the small project was relatively high, but that didn't detract from the fun. Because the result turned out great. With the traditional airplane and the historic Saab lettering, the sticker is very eye-catching.

En bil från Saab-ANA

After several tries, we decided on a size that was a nice compromise. With approx. 9 x 13 cm, the sticker is ideal for the Swedish sheet metal, the rear or side window. The aircraft has a high recognition value, the Saab lettering is easy to read even from a distance, which was important to us.

The size is 9 x 13 cm approx.
The size is 9 x 13 cm approx.

To be able to read “En bil från Saab-ANA”, you have to come a little closer. One or the other is sure to be wondering what language it is. And what the sticker wants to express.

The sticker is exclusively in ours from Sunday Aero X Club Store available and free for members this quarter. The edition is unique, if the stickers should be out of stock at some point, there will be no more new ones. "En bil från Saab-ANA" is not only suitable for historical Saab models. The sticker also looks very good on a more modern Saab.

3 thoughts on "Proud Saab tradition freshly digitized "En bil från Saab-ANA""

  • 9 x 13 reminds me of what ...

    In the past, this was usually the cheapest print of vacation photos when we were still taking analogue photos. Truly a suitable format. Accidental or deliberate, I think that's funny and the sticker is absolutely awesome.

  • Noble. Suitable for the SAAB.
    In anticipation and THANK YOU 🙂

  • Very chic, ***** stars! I'm already looking forward to Sunday (and my Saab is also looking forward to it).

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