Saab-ANA Stickers - Tragedies and Spare Miracles

Another tragedy is looming in Trollhättan. We are concerned with the events around the former Saab factory. And the effects of the tragedy on Koenigsegg, because NEVS has a 20% stake in the manufacturer of top-class sports cars. The future of Sono Motors will also be affected. A detailed analysis will follow on Monday. But there are also real miracles. Those who do not believe in them should reconsider their attitudes in the next few days.

Saab-ANA sticker
Saab-ANA sticker

The miracle spare part

Because there is good news from the spare parts warehouse. There is usually little good news to report from there. But this time everything is different. The good news mainly affects classic Saab lovers. It is becoming more and more difficult to get parts here. Starting with seals, intercoolers, to dashboards.

Everything is difficult. Anyone who has ever looked for a window seal or a crack-free dashboard will understand what I am talking about.

Under these circumstances, a restoration becomes a challenge and sometimes a compromise. But there are still miracles (seriously), and sometimes they come out really big. I will reveal insider knowledge about the spare parts situation for classic Saab in the next few days.

En bil från Saab-ANA

But today it's about our Saab-ANA stickers. "En bil från Saab-ANA" is now online and in Go to Shop to order. As a promotion for the 3rd quarter, the sticker is free for all Aero X Club members and holders of the old Turbo Plus subscription.

The start of the shop ran relatively problem-free. Smaller annoyances were resolved on Friday, the processing of the orders has become much easier and less time-consuming for us internally. That's good news because time was the biggest problem. The first deliveries are already on their way to the club members, after the stickers we will start with the in a few days Saab Turbo cups (Edition 2021).

2 thoughts on "Saab-ANA Stickers - Tragedies and Spare Miracles"

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    Why can't you order multiple stickers? I own 5 Saab's and would have liked to have put this sticker on each one.
    Since it was only possible to order just one, it was attached to the oldest 9-5 station wagon (built in 1999).

    I would like a little more flexibility here.

    Best regards
    Werner (Saab * 5)

    • blank

      I understand the wishes. However, our aim is to ensure the ability to deliver until the end of the campaign for every reader with the appropriate subscription. One would like 3, the other 5, the next 10 or 20 stickers. This cannot be planned and in the end it causes an upset if the item is out of stock very quickly. The remaining stock can be purchased from 1.10 after the end of the campaign and is available without any quantity restrictions.

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