What can a Saab actually cost - is it a question of price?

Let's talk about money and what a Saab can cost. Actually, I had a different story for Sunday. An ancient Saab that we discovered. One of the oldest ever, but it can wait while its story is cleared up. We had one last week Saab Turbo X as a subject. A collector's item that spent the last few years in a hall.

Saab Turbo X
Saab Turbo X

What can a Saab actually cost?

What can the Turbo X cost? Its owner calls out almost € 40.000. Is that still appropriate? I know the car and its history and its owner. The Saab is a new car, the service is fresh, the tires are new. You could buy the Saab and get started right away. Just like a new vehicle. I can answer positively when asked whether the price of the Turbo X is reasonable.


Because this Saab would be worth the price to me. Me personally. It is fast, sufficiently comfortable and suitable for everyday use. Its edition was limited. It's a lot of fun and I know that the EU will never again approve such a V6 Turbo with all-wheel drive. The Saab would fit into my life if I allowed myself the play money for it.

Classic Saab 900 Turbo
Classic Saab 900 Turbo

Another story is a Saab 900 Turbo sold in Finland. It comes from a collection that was sold through an auction. 31.900 kilometers, also in a condition that is close to the new car. Allegedly, the Saab stood in an air-conditioned garage in Stockholm for years. The price? Exact € 50.000.

Is it worth it? Can a Saab 900 cost that?

The decision is easy. The Saab is too expensive for me. It is far from what I consider appropriate. The classic 900 is not a car that I would do to myself for everyday life. It's loud, tight, uncomfortable. I had 3 of them, it was a good time. But one that is over for me. And for collector's purposes, at this price? Certainly not, because apart from the good condition and a few kilometers there is no story about the car. Yes, the 900 was a Saab press car. But there were many of them. The edition is not limited, nor is the color special. On the contrary.

He wears the uniform look of all 900 Turbo. He is black.

This is my opinion. Another can recognize his dream car in the 900, plunder the account or take out a loan and get the Saab. If it makes him happy, why not?

Saab V6 Turbo - that will never come again
Saab V6 Turbo - that will never come again

Is it really a question of price?

The subject of prices is difficult. But one thing has to be clear to us. The time of cheap mobility is coming to an end. Being mobile will cost more in the future because resources come at a price. But also because the discussions around the topic are increasingly being conducted ideologically.

Whoever, shortly before the gate closes, should enjoy a lot of irrationality, has to treat himself to it. Now, in a timely manner. There are still loads of used vehicles out there with those hideously unreasonable ingenious gas guzzling V6 turbo engines. Sometimes even with all-wheel drive.

Nobody should say he didn't have the chance to drive it. Because in the future there will no longer be a question of what such a Saab may cost.

These types of vehicles will simply no longer exist.

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    "Nice that there are - still - such opportunities"
    Although the price for the Turbo X is high, I am convinced that there will be a buyer who will appreciate it.
    I myself only “indulged” a 2011 9-3 Aero XWD TX-Edition in top condition yesterday, it was definitely not a bargain. But for me personally, with the existing equipment and the many extras, it is definitely worth the agreed price. Because I want to drive a Saab petrol engine with displacement and horsepower for a long time to come.

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    I would simply not spend it. For prices like this, there are more interesting cars than Saab. Especially since Saab was always a money destroyer and the residual value was more of an expense allowance than a value. And that also in our own car dealerships. Even buying the icon will be a money destruction.

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    Yes, the big question of the price….
    From a purely mathematical point of view, each of our beloved Saabs is an economic foolishness.
    I could lease an electric Tamagochi box for less than 100 euros and charge it around the corner - still - for free.
    Just as long as I can afford it, and the Spanish legislator doesn't “dispossess” me, I won't do it. Whether a 10+ year old car is worth the investment is a very subjective decision indeed. And mostly extremely unreasonable. I make this decision of the more common. Many customers of “Lizis Garage” too. I haven't regretted it for a single second. On the contrary. Enjoy my saaby oasis of wellbeing every day anew.

    Greetings to the community

    The Lizi

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    I think both are worth their price-
    Depending on what you are looking for.

    And character types are both - and the 900 is an icon!
    Does someone ask the question over an old 911 Carrera?
    Someone who wants it pays for it.

    I myself drive an old 9-5 OG Aero and every day I ask myself whether I should really drive it every day.
    Because it's so well preserved.
    But this is the only way to bring it into the consciousness of the younger generation on a daily basis.
    And let's not kid ourselves - the new cars of today - who will remember them in 20 years?
    The shape of the 900 remains ...

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      "Who remembers (…)?"

      Good question. I definitely don't. I am getting more and more confused about younger and current cars. Only this morning had something in the rearview mirror and thought it was a younger Golf. When something stopped behind me, it had a Toyota badge ...
      I thought another and very pompous something in bicolor was a contemporary French. But was a Rüsselsheimer.

      Perhaps it is different with the offspring? My puberty can actually tell apart makes, models, and even reliably model years of younger cars. A cursory glance is enough for him. I have no ambition whatsoever. And I'm happy to have grown up with other cars ...

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    These SAABs undoubtedly have their charm ...
    For me, the TX is more of a “bargain” because it is “almost new”. In 2010 the new price was certainly more than 50% higher ... But: nothing real for me. The subject of the environment has been with me for a long time ...
    With the 900 Turbo, I see the price as “daring” ... The call is almost the same € instead of the DM at the time. Well, there will be fans of the brand around the world willing to pay the price. I wouldn't / won't pay the price. But I look wistfully at the "dream SAAB" ...
    Both are definitely optical and acoustic pieces of cake in Swedish automotive culture.
    May both vehicles find new owners and continue to bring a lot of joy! 🙂

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    I look forward to comments.
    I find them both (too) expensive and at these prices both equally unsuitable both as an investment and as an everyday vehicle. More does not come to my mind.

    Except that for me personally, the 900 Turbo Coupe is the greater fantasy of longing. I haven't had one yet. That it is black and thus the archetype of its own cliché speaks for me personally more in favor ...

    It's not like that with this vintage car on the car deck of a Sweden ferry today you would be in the midst of 27 Saab 900 Turbo Coupes and enviously have to register that you only drive one of 22 black ones, while 5 others in more exclusive colors stand out from the crowd prick ...

    But on the contrary. The probability is high that you will not encounter a second black 900 I Turbo Coupe on the ferry there and back, as well as in S. That's exclusive enough for me and it's a little sad too, isn't it?

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    Maintain, maintain, maintain. In the future there will only be combustion engines with small engines because it is (politically) wanted. And a little later only electric. If you don't feel like doing it, and I know more people who reject an electric car than the other way around, they have to look after what's there.

    It's kind of like in the GDR back then. You no longer get delivered what you would like to drive.

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    I can see I'm not alone with thoughts like this, Tom.

    I looked at the report and the ad for the Turbo-X. A Turbo-X wouldn't be for me, it wouldn't suit me. Still: a very interesting car! Consumption does not play a role here, driving fun and a little luxury (the premium leather) are in the foreground. I asked myself the hypothetical question: would it be worth the price to me? Answer: yes. Practical ien new car and with equipment that stands out from the crowd of RS and VR.

    With the 900: clearly no. There isn't much to think about. I'm not even sure that it would ever really achieve this value as a classic car that has been put away in a preserved state.

    In April I bought a 9-3 with 21.300 kilometers. Also a quasi-new car. For 18.500 euros. After much deliberation, it was and is worth this price to me. Others may think I'm crazy for that.

    It's nice that there are such opportunities.


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