Yellow and iconic - Saab 9-3 Viggen Coupe 1:18 from DNA Collectibles

The latest miniature from DNA Collectibles has now landed on my desk. A Saab 9-3 Viggen Coupe, of course in the iconic yellow. A color that has been on my mind for a long time. But I haven't had a yellow Saab in my garage yet. Will that change? That is unlikely because there is internal resistance that should not be underestimated. At least the yellow Viggen is now parked on the desk. And it was very successful.

New from DNA and in 1:18 - also delicious from a bird's eye view
New from DNA and in 1:18 - also delicious from a bird's eye view

Saab 9-3 Viggen Coupe in Monte-Carlo yellow

It works like this with model cars: There are some that put you in a good mood when you unpack. This includes the Saab 9-3 Viggen from DNA Collectibles. Which is not only due to its yellow paintwork, which of course brings it subjective bonus points. No, the model is just well made. It has succeeded and is perhaps the most beautiful miniature that the Swiss have put on the table so far.

Which is almost the end of the text.

But it is not, because it is worth going into the details and the word perfection. When it comes to the details, the provider laid down a steep learning curve. You have already got used to the textile straps, as well as to the increasingly filigree photo-etched parts. The air inlet under the bumper is extremely fine, and the Viggen logos on the seats are easy to see. That’s a pleasure.

Small fine details such as the third brake light, the Viggen logo on the fenders or precisely modeled brake discs are simply great. The pursuit of perfection can be clearly seen. Can one speak of exaggeration if the miniature appears to be more valuable than the original in the end?

Some examples.

The lettering on the rear is more radiant and simply more beautiful than the original. From the interior, the aluminum-look cockpit shines much more impressively than it was ever the case with the Viggen. This is done impressively, but inevitably leads to thinking about the original, Saab and the materials used.

Monte Carlo yellow - or another color

It's better to leave that alone, thinking about it could lead to an undesirable result, and instead be happy about the beautifully executed little Saab in 1:18. It is available, which is beyond all fairness, in three colors. The customer can choose between “Monte Carlo Yellow”, “Lightning Blue” and “Black”.

Which one to choose?

My advice, guaranteed to be subjective, is of course in the direction of “Monte Carlo Yellow”. I wanted a Viggen in this color and not in any other. That never happened, because yellow Viggen are rare. In the meantime, the Viggen has disappeared from my wish list, a beautiful 9-3 Aero makes up for the unfulfilled wish.

In real life, if I remember correctly, buyers preferred the color “lightning blue”. It was followed by “Black” and very few Viggen rolled off the Finnish ribbons in the iconic yellow.

6 thoughts on "Yellow and iconic - Saab 9-3 Viggen Coupe 1:18 from DNA Collectibles"

  • I would like to see the convertible put on again.

  • blank

    Hello Tom
    Insanity. What a great model. Thank you for your report about it. So far, the model wasn't available for me ... But now I'm brooding.
    So far I own the 9-4x (a choice of colors would also be interesting). The 9-3II convertible is also pre-ordered. Here we could choose between 3 colors….
    DNA also announced the 9-3 Turbo X Sportcombi yesterday ... it beats the 9-3 Viggen for me.
    Thoughtful greetings from Oldenburg
    Andre T

    • Hello André, the Viggen is one of those miniatures that look better in the original than on the DNA homepage. I'm afraid you have to buy one 😉

  • blank

    Yellow is addicting!

  • blank

    The model is really amazing and the color is just wonderful. With the great 1:18 Saabs from DNA, the existing and the planned, it is really damn hard to decide. I already own the AeroX and the 9-4X. What will the next model be?

  • blank

    Congratulation! Looks totally valuable (super pics) and is definitely worth the price. I'm looking forward to the 9-3II convertible that I have ordered / paid for, which is not due to be delivered until January.

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