Saab blog culture and a forgotten Saab dealer

In 2011, the Saab blog culture had reached its peak. There were countless Saab fan sites around the world, in some countries even several. Had it been up to the fans, their brand would never have died. It would have been exciting to see how the culture had developed over the years. The Saab-affine media biotope flourished beyond traditional media. The brand was once again a step ahead of its time. Today, Tesla is also celebrating its own media culture, almost entirely supported by fans, with great success.

Saab blog culture

The great time of Saab blog culture is long history. It withered faster than the flowers in the midday sun. The Chinese entry into Trollhättan, deliberately ignoring the fans and the Saab story, deprived her of motivation. At NEVS, they didn't appreciate what they had. If you are looking for roots for the failure of the company, here is one of them.

Today only a few pages are online. But every now and then some blog culture finds its way back.

Saab Friction Tester, Rome Airport
Saab Friction Tester, Rome Airport

Italy loves Saab. The Italians are said to have always good taste, understandable that the Swedes could score here. We have a lot of readers from across the Alps on the blog, although the translation of the AI ​​does not work that well. The Saab scene in Italy has not always had it easy in recent years. But it is still active.

With is a piece of Italian Saab culture awakened to new life. There are regular reports on Saab topics, there are reviews of the time 10 years ago. Google translates the content passably, knowledge of Italian is not absolutely necessary.

Sono Motors isn't Saab, but the Sion is a community car. The path the company takes is not an ordinary one. The Sion Community has had a good blog for months. It is written by Sebastian Böttger, who was elected to the "Community Advisory Board" by the Sono Motors Association. is close to the action, but maintains a certain professional distance that hopefully will not be lost over time. The blog covers the topic of the Munich SEV better than I can and would like to. Some readers are very interested in the Sion, at they can find all the information.

Village Saab - the website for it no longer exists
Village Saab - the website for it no longer exists

A forgotten Saab dealer

What would the Saab topic be without the myths surrounding the brand? This also includes the forgotten Saab dealers that seem to exist in all parts of the world. Last month we virtually visited a dealer in France, now one in Massachusetts.

Village Saab in Acton appears to have retired from active business in 2017. This is the result of a research that "The Drive“Has undertaken. So far, so unspectacular. If it weren't for a Saab 9-5 NG XWD, which is still in the shop window of the showroom. What is the Saab doing there? And what will happen to him?

A problem that can be a headache and maybe a challenge. One of our American readers will surely find a solution to this.

With images from and Village Saab

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    Instead of Google Translater, I'd better copy the text and have it translated on I can speak Italian to some extent and the result is practically flawless and grammatically correct. Also recommended for other languages.
    LG Gigi

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    It is always exciting where forgotten Saab dealers appear. A nice 9-5 NG would also be to my taste.

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