The Aero X Club Shop ships to five other countries

With the start of the Aero X Club Shop, we had initially limited shipping to three countries. Germany, Austria and Switzerland were on our list from the start. All other countries had to wait. First we wanted to complete the beta phase, identify possible problems and optimize processes internally. The turbo cups were the first major challenge that the system easily mastered.

Aero X Club Store
The Aero X Club Shop ships to 5 other countries

Yesterday 5 more countries were added as shipping options. Because there are subscribers and members of the Aero X Club there too. The countries are:

  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Netherlands
  • Luxembourg

Other states within the EU will follow in the next few weeks. Outside the EU, Norway is on the list, Saab has many fans here and we don't want to disappoint them. We do not plan to ship to Great Britain in the medium or long term.

Yes, we have quite a few readers there who would like that, and the Saab community is well represented in the UK. But processing the shipment according to customs law is an effort that our small team cannot afford.

The Aero X Club Store now supplies 8 countries. However, we will not leave subscribers with an old Turbo Plus subscription or Aero X Club members who do not live in these countries alone. Anne (Mail: anne (ät) from the blog team is there for requests and questions about our shop and is happy to help.

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    For me as a Luxembourger this is great news. My order has already been sent.

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