The new Koenigsegg Gemera at the Monterey Car Week

The Koenigsegg Ghost Squadron is touring the USA. The focus is on the Jesko, whose production has now started, and the new Gemera. He was one of the stars of the Monterey Car Week and was greeted with great applause. Nice, because at Koenigsegg the Gemera stands for the beginning of a new era.

Koenigsegg Gemera-Monterey Car Week
Koenigsegg Gemera - Monterey Car Week

The first Super GT from Koenigsegg

A Koenigsegg for four passengers and a Koenigsegg, which is to be produced in larger numbers. The number of units remains relative, but there has actually never been a Super GT from Ängelholm. There are other superlatives. As a world premiere in the super sports car segment, Christian von Koenigsegg's (CvD) team is building a FreeValve engine in the Gemera.

Koenigsegg Ghost Squadron
Koenigsegg Ghost Squadron

The 2 liter engine has three cylinders, is turbo charged and has an output of 600 hp. The system's ignition cartridge looks like it was made by Saab. In fact, the first FreeValve tests took place in a Saab 9-5 OG, a good decade ago.

But the Koenigsegg system can do a lot more than the Saab Trionic once did. The turbo manages without a wastegate, in pure bio-ethanol operation (100%) the startability is maintained at temperatures of up to minus 30 degrees Celsius. They couldn't do that at Saab until 2011.

The Gemera in detail
The Gemera in detail

Masterpiece Freevalve engine

But in general, the Koenigsegg system can also do what Saab could do. As with the Saab Trionic, that's how it is FreeValve As a multi-fuel system, the engine is able to process fuels of different qualities and types without any problems.

The drive unit in the Gemera is supported by three electric motors. One at the front - two are placed in the rear. The Swedish Super GT drives 50 kilometers on a purely electric basis, but in pure ethanol operation it has a good CO₂ balance anyway. For a top-tier sports car.

CvK presents the Gemera
CvK presents the Gemera

During the Monterey Car Week, US fans of the brand were able to admire in advance what the Swedish manufacture should roll out from 2023. Koenigsegg Jesko and Gemera were supported by the American Ghost Squadron, who completed the appearance with a Koenigsegg CCX, Agera FE, CCR and Agera RS.

Koenigsegg wants to start production of the Gemera in 2023, the plans remain in place. The number of pieces is extremely high for the very exclusive conditions in Ängelholm. 300 pieces are planned, CvK has never built so many of a model before.

The Gemera is produced in the factory in Ängelholm. The plant is still being expanded to create the necessary capacity for this. The demand for the new Gemera confirms the course of CvK. 200 of the 300 planned vehicles are said to have already been ordered.

With images from Koenigsegg AB

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  • ... I think that with all these "SuperSportCars" (and also giant Teslas / BMWs / Audis / Mercedes / etc.) It is no longer necessarily that modern (because it is not electric either).
    ... still impressive, of course.

    But I also think that (like this ole “eco & sustainability stuff” and so) the ever-growing pot. Clientele doesn't really care.

    • Sodom & Gemera

      A 2.0 3-cylinder is basically the Greta among the super athletes. And 4 seats. You can carpool there. Compared to a Bugatti, this is a reasonable car ...

      • FOUR SEATS?
        ... well then it's even good for taxi fleets, etc. 😉

        • 100 are still available 😉

    • Maybe the time is really over. Above all, I see the Gemera as a work of art on wheels. These cars are driven very sparsely, most of the time they are in some collections. In any case, I'm happy that something like this still exists from Sweden.

  • I wish the company success and find it exciting that it is not just about electrical. Other manufacturers also do the same.
    Such a super athlete wouldn't be anything for me here in D, can't he build a sonnet made by Koenigsegg ??

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