Sono Motors is expanding its car sharing service - every car can be shared

Today, car manufacturers generally refer to themselves as mobility service providers. Hardware is out, software and service are the future. Offering your own car sharing service is one of them. The idea is pursued more or less consistently depending on the provider. Europe is not really leading in the implementation of this strategy. China is once again showing how it's done. Caocao, the mobility service provider of the Geely Group has been active since 2015 and already has more than 60 million registered users.

Car sharing for everyone with the Sono app
Car sharing for everyone with the Sono app

The growth rate of the Geely platform is high, this year it is 140% compared to last year. The best month so far was July this year with 10 million active users. A future market that Sono Motors has long since discovered for itself.

Car sharing platform for all makes

One of the main pillars of Sono Motors' strategy has always been the car sharing service via its own app. They will soon also be opened to foreign brands. Every car can be shared with the app in the future. No matter how old it is and which drive, regardless of the make. An option also for owners of youngtimers and classics?

Definitely a step towards more sustainability and better use of resources.

Laurin Hahn, CEO and co-founder of Sono Motors, says:

"In Germany, 47 million vehicles are idle for 23 hours a day, taking up valuable space. We have to start using cars more efficiently. To this end, we want to offer community car sharing beyond the Sion with the aim of becoming the largest car sharing platform without owning a single vehicle".

The Sono app is available for the Sion and for all other brands
The Sono app is available for the Sion and for all other brands

Predicts rapid growth

The car sharing service is provided by the Sono app enables. The service is expected to generate annual sales of € 2025 million as early as 295. The app offers integrated payment processing, insurance protection and, if desired, a telematics function.

The car sharing service can be easily set up on the smartphone. The handover of the keys for all vehicle models is supported by a digital process in the app. A completely digital, hardware-supported solution is to follow soon to make the process even more convenient.

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Lower costs, better utilize vehicles

Pilot projects from Sono Motors show that car sharing via the community can increase vehicle utilization by up to 150 percent compared to normal vehicle use. In addition, the monthly costs for car owners could be reduced by up to 85 percent. On average, 12 people share a car during the pilot projects, which would significantly reduce the space required for parking spaces.

Can be used publicly from 2022

Sono Motors is currently testing the extended service with selected users across Germany. At some point in 2022, the app should then be publicly accessible to everyone. If the Sion hits the market in 2023, Sono Motors could offer the world's largest fleet of shared vehicles.

One forecasts in Munich.

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6 thoughts on "Sono Motors is expanding its car sharing service - every car can be shared"

  • blank

    An option for classics too?

    The topic does not let me go, although or precisely because I lack any imagination as to how it should work.
    Be that as it may, I can imagine it even less with classics than with soulless new cars. You have to know them inside out, with all their quirks and quirks. With classic car rental companies, no car leaves the yard without instruction. For film productions, professional agencies usually have two categories. Historic vehicles that can be driven by an extras or actor after instruction, and those that can only be rented with a driver (often the owner himself).
    It's not really worth that much, but I still can't imagine handing my 51-year-old Volvo into someone else's hands. Especially not via the Sono app to strangers and without instruction. That is not how it works.

  • blank

    ... you don't share a beautiful SAAB (especially not with strangers)! 😉

    The other day I sweated out my 3 wheat beers again when I only had to let a friend with my Drömbil go to pick them up for a pizza. ;-( 😉

  • blank

    Incidentally, the 150% increase in car use corresponds to 11 co-users only 8 minutes and 12 seconds per day per user ...

    That may be an attractive business model for Sono Motors, but I find it very obvious that the target group here are people who would otherwise not drive and shop on foot or by cargo bike.

    This also applies to car sharing in China. After all, sharing is also a financing model for owners who would not be able to afford their car without sharing. Car sharing leads to more cars and more car kilometers. The higher utilization of the vehicles is only the ecological fig leaf for business models that are lucrative, but which will not even begin to relieve the environment ...

  • blank

    Liability & Treasury

    I would be interested in how to solve the legal aspects.
    What legal claims do the 11 users have against the owner and vice versa in which of the innumerable possible points of dispute? Load / tank filling at handover, tire pressure, oil level, washer fluid, cleanliness and condition (intactness) inside and outside? A breakdown on the way? A parking bump with a hit and run? Offenses in traffic ...

    Are all 12 parties in good hands at Sono Motors? How does it work if user A cannot hand over the vehicle to user B on time because A has parked it under the no-stopping ban and was towed away? Does user B now make claims to the owner or does he send his taxi receipt directly to user A or does he submit it to Sono Motors? And how does the owner get his vehicle back quickly?

    I think anyone who asks 1.000 and a question has not provided a good answer for private transport. I find timing and priorities really sobering. It seems to me as if Sono Motors itself no longer really believes in becoming an automobile manufacturer that can also do hardware ...

  • blank

    Share? An idea that will work in the big city, but not in rural areas. And anyway: sharing a car in pandemic times like these? That's not seriously sparkling, is it?

    In general: Not my Saab. Not that. If I had a VW, then maybe 🙂

  • blank

    No, my cars are SAAB and since I don't get anything new they are only shared in the family. When I see how some deal with rental cars, I don't want to expect that from my SAABs.

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