Evergrande Auto Hengchi 7 on test drives

No matter how negative the news is. Evergrande Auto's test drives continue. Hengchi 7 has recently been spotted on public roads. Number 7 is an attractively designed mid-range electric sedan, of which little has been known so far. Because until now, Hengchi 7 has only been seen as a concept car at exhibitions or in press photos. Never before in regular traffic.

Ever Grande Auto Hengchi 7
Ever Grande Auto Hengchi 7

The electric car is not camouflaged, which could be on purpose. Normally, the appearance of prototypes without any camouflage signals that the pre-series is in progress or that the production process is about to begin. Both indications that one should register with some caution.

So far, there is very little image material of the limousine. But, you can see certain deviations between the test and show car. In the photographed version, Hengchi 7 has no complex LED headlights and indicators. The design of the front end with bumper and spoiler differs from the concept car. The exterior mirrors, previously in the Saab 9-5 NG design (!) Contrasted in color, are designed differently.

Evergrande car Hengchi 7 Concept
Evergrande car Hengchi 7 Concept

The changes are optimizations for the production process, says Evergrande Auto.

What seems to remain for the series is the black passenger compartment. The brand is subordinate to the general design trend here. The new Opel Astra is also optionally available with a black roof, as are other innovations. But the contrast makes the e-car visually exciting, and the design seems attractive overall. The sedan makes a sporty, elegant appearance. A pleasant difference to what can currently be observed in the mainstream of bulky SUVs.

The picture of Hengchi 7 on test drive appeared first on Yiche.com. How up-to-date it is is difficult to judge.

Size like the Saab 9-5 OG

Some data from Hengchi 7 are now publicly available. The all-electric sedan is 4,82 meters long and is exactly the size of a Saab 9-5 OG. The wheelbase extends to 2,91 meters, which is around 20 centimeters more than the old 9-5, to stick with this comparison. That promises a spacious interior. The range on one charge should be 710 kilometers according to NEDC.

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    It's hard to believe that something will really come about in the end. I think this is an action to possibly get ready for a sale

  • blank

    Very authentic ...

    Even has a bump over the front wheel. It was seen here before. He was standing on the far left of the red carpet at the test drive start ceremony. Same color, mirrors, headlights and rims, if I'm not mistaken.
    There is no doubt that Evergrande is being tested.
    I am all eager to know what happens next.

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    Well, let's wait and see how the thriller ends and whether it's just games for investors.

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    If this sedan were soon available as a full hybrid, it would probably have real opportunities on the international market - see Toyota Camry Hybrid. As a purely electric car, this should be a little more difficult.

    The design is really successful - for me just as appealing as the shape of the Camry mentioned above.

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