Saab Turbo Mugs (Edition 2021) - we pack packages

The mountain of parcels and parcels is getting bigger and bigger - so is the impatience and anticipation of the customers. We will deliver the turbo cups by the end of the week, so the waiting time is over. More than 200 cups of our limited edition have been sold, a few copies are still available in the shop. One last chance, because there will be no supplies.

Saab Turbo cups
Saab Turbo Cups (Edition 2020)

We stay true to our limited edition philosophy. The appeal is to surprise subscribers and readers with new things. The cups are distributed in 10 European countries, including Sweden. In the home of Saab, people seem to like our designs, great praise.

While the Turbo Cups will be on their way with DHL by the end of the week, the team is already working on the first projects for 2022. Color is hot and something completely new. Specifically, there are two projects, because Saab automobile manufacture will be 75 years old next year. You have to celebrate. How do you implement the anniversary? With a vintage collection? That was my first thought.

Color search with the Pantone fan
Color search with the Pantone fan

But that would be too easy. Or?

You could also do something different. Something cheeky, unexpected that fits into our everyday lives. What accompanies us and is modern, classic and sustainable at the same time. Maybe, I'm not sure yet, I'm brave and dare to do something that really shows color.

Something that is yellow. A striking Monte Carlo yellow, perhaps. At the risk that none of the readers will buy it. Let's see…

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    Just awesome! I'm looking forward to my package!

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    Great anticipation for everything that is still to come! Thank you thank you thank you!

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    Great coffee cup! I received mine on the weekend ...

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