Is that elegance? Hengchi 7 in series design on the way

More and more pictures of Hengchi 7, on the road on public roads, are appearing in China. Are we seeing a successful production or is it just a coincidence? Both would be possible and it is clear that increased public presence will hardly harm the Evergrande Auto project. Certainly not when the Hengchi 7 drives up with such an elegant rear in an attractive design.

Hengchi 7 in series design
Hengchi 7 in series design

Series design by Hengchi 7

The pictures should show Hengchi 7 in the final series design. It could be the high-end version of the electric sedan, because we've already seen one Versionthat was not equipped with elaborate full-LED headlights. The conspicuously large rims, which could have a dimension of 20 or 21 ″, also speak for this assumption. They give Hengchi 7 a particularly sporty appearance.

Of course, this size is counterproductive for an electric car, as it increases consumption and reduces the range. But in this respect, car fans seem to be similar in every part of the world. Sporty, black spoilers and aprons complete the dynamic appearance. Everything seems like one piece.

Elegant tail by Hengchi 7
Elegant tail by Hengchi 7

Designed by Maruyama Satomi

The most elegant side of number 7 is without question the rear. So far there have only been a few pictures of this. The sedan designed by the former Isuzu design boss Maruyama Satomi is reminiscent of the appearance of current Porsche models with its LED bar. A hinted hatchback suggests a large tailgate for a moment. In fact, there should only be a conventional trunk lid at this point.

But you have already seen this design in detail somewhere
But you have already seen this design in detail somewhere

The future is still unclear

Certainly there are purely electric sedans from Chinese manufacturers that are less attractive than Hengchi's contribution. With a range of 710 or 720 kilometers according to the NEDC, there are different statements, the all-electric sedan is interesting. It would be exciting to find out the planned price. Evergrande Auto is still silent about this. Because the future is still unclear. Just like the question of when and whether the number 7 will go into production, must remain unanswered for the time being.

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  • Elegance?

    This morning I paid attention to what I meet on the streets. In fact, there was nothing that I found clearly more successful than this Hengchi.
    You can see many jagged fronts and rear ends, artificially broken side lines and / or headlights and rear lights, which - for whatever reason - are not allowed to simply fit into the vehicle without being excited. You have to give him the fact that he is elegant, very much in fact.

  • The design of the Hengchi stands out favorably from other Chinese and electric cars. I spent two days traveling in the Jaguar iPace for work. Technically not bad, inside ok too, but outside I always thought “I hope no one will cover my logos with Madzda emblems”…
    In detail, they probably do a lot right with the Hengchis, I could also imagine that a European strategy with Trollhättan and Anders Warming is at least slumbering in a drawer for his design, but first the factories in China would have to run!

    With the Evergrande group, my assumption seems to be confirmed that they wanted to switch from real estate to e-cars and probably started too late or the task was too big even for Evergrande

  • Hello guys. And bye.

    neversurrenderboys 😉

  • All show ...
    To be “perfectly” present on the street, while the parent company is up to its neck ...
    A straw.

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