Announcement - Saab Session Slovakia 2021

The pandemic has made life difficult for us in recent months. The events, which are an important part of Saab culture, were hit particularly hard. They failed completely and restarting is (still) difficult in some places. The Saab Session Slovakia 2021 is announced with optimism and hopefully a well-deserved portion of luck.

Saab Session Slovakia 2021

Saab Session Slovakia October 15-17.10.2021, XNUMX

If I calculate correctly, then it is already the 9th Saab session with our friends in Slovakia. An international meeting that has become a kind of melting pot for Saab fans from Western and Eastern Europe. In the last few years there have been numerous visitors from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Germany and even Georgia. Saab passion connects, is international and knows no borders.

The Saab Session Slovakia 2021 starts on October 15th, and of course the national Corona rules of Slovakia apply. This is where the uncertainty lies, they can change again before the event. So it is important to keep an eye on the situation and plan your participation accordingly.

Registration prior to entry is compulsory, regional restrictions, which can change again and again, will be communicated on the website of the event. Only vaccinated, tested or recovered people can be accommodated in the regional hotels.

But since you shouldn't let Corona dictate your life, but deal intelligently with the situation, nothing stands in the way of participating in compliance with all precautionary measures. the Registration is now possible, October 1st is the registration deadline. The organizers, who have each delivered a great Saab session with an incredible commitment in recent years, must definitely be wished a little bit of luck for 2021.

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    To read texts about Corona you are here, thank goodness, wrong.

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      Just as you think ...

      If you enter Covid or Corona in the search mask, you will receive 15 hits each - with only a few overlaps. The virus does not avoid Saab drivers ...

      I really enjoyed Tom's sporadic columns on the subject. My comment is not as far-fetched as you make it out to be.

      But I understand your point. I would also prefer Corona to be no longer an issue. However, Covid is still very real ...

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    Speaking of Corona

    Tom, I loved every single one of your columns on the subject. Has the last one already been written?

    My environment got through three waves. Suddenly it is different, although the topic is clearly ebbing away in the media. Children and adolescents are quarantined in rows, but are now falling through the cracks at school, being scolded by teachers after the quarantine without having had a learning offer online or via e-mail. Parents and grandparents sometimes have breakthrough vaccinations. Fortunately mostly mild gradients. Vaccination protects.

    Solidarity is noticeably decreasing. The virus has mutated - from a societal, even global challenge to a private problem. Finger pointing has started. Teachers point to students, vaccinated to unvaccinated, triple vaccinated to double vaccinated. Our big one (over 12) already had a vaccination appointment. Unfortunately, it was positive 4 days earlier. He no longer gets solidarity for it. Is he just unlucky that he is only surfing the 4th wave and his stupid parents have waited for the STIKO's recommendation ...

    Long story short. I miss the column. It was always thoughtful, reflective and calm - for me it was the best media contribution on the topic. Many a comment was also gold dust. A Saab-affine and very matter-of-fact doctor was also there.

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