Situation at NEVS - Stefan Tilk on money, the Sion and Plan B

The situation at NEVS is once again difficult. They lay off a large number of employees and recently sold shares in a joint venture to Koenigsegg. The company is doing everything it can to cushion its Chinese owner's crisis and survive. Is that enough to successfully hibernate? Yesterday CEO Stefan Tilk answered some questions to the journalist Victor Jensen from Sveriges Radio.

The situation at NEVS

Enough money to survive

At least in the coming months, NEVS has enough liquidity to survive. The company sees itself in a position to be able to pay costs and suppliers for the next few months. The sale of the "Meneko“Shares has brought enough liquidity into the coffers. The extensive Job cuts In addition, it saves massive costs, it saves the resources available.

NEVS has a plan B.

But what happens if the Evergrande Group does not survive the crisis? A break-up or a partial sale are not unlikely. The future of NEVS would then be more open than ever. Here NEVS seems to have a plan B up its sleeve, or at least to be working on it. Opposite to Sveriges Radio Stefan Tilk mentions conversations with European and American interested parties.

New investors who could get into the Stallbacka. In case Evergrande wants to sell NEVS to gain liquidity. Or if Evergande Auto doesn't survive the crisis.

Production for Sono Motors

Is the production of the Sion in Trollhättan at risk? Stefan Tilk sees no change here due to the Evergrande crisis. When asked by Victor Jensen, the NEVS CEO emphasized that nothing had changed in the planned production of the Sion in the Stallbacka.

The schedule seems to persist, Trollhättan has been storm-tested. With the Chinese owners, the financial situation has never been rosy in the past. Successful crisis management could be one of the company's core competencies.

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    Hope it will, or will be found, then really serious investors to let Stallbacka survive.
    And not again for a few years. There has now been too much “yes, finally, and then: no, not again”. The employees deserve better.

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    Reads very positively! How much did NEVS earn from selling Meneko? Did Koenigsegg pay the full 150 million?

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      but what's positive that the company has been doing nothing practical since 2011?

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      No, of course not. In such situations there is always a decent deduction from the original amount.

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