More Saab is hardly possible - Saab 9-3 OG starts classic career

There was this gray Saab 9-3 OG Aero Coupe in Ingolstadt a few years ago. Around 100.000 kilometers, a Viggen kit and a price that was far too cheap. I'm not sure if it was € 2.500 or € 3.500. Shortly before, I had bought my current 9-3 OG Aero. Buy another one and put it away? Difficult, even if everything called for it, to get this car to a safe haven.

Saab 9-3 OG Aero 2001

The feeling was right, unfortunately. The Saab sold quickly and was re-advertised just as quickly. Six months later to be cannibalized as an accident vehicle. I still regret the story, because good Saab 9-3 OG have become rare. The survivors are now on their way to becoming a classic.

More Saab is hardly possible

The last Saab of the small series, which comes in the traditional brand design. A sloping rear, a windshield slightly curved around the cockpit, the typical hockey stick on the C-pillar. In addition, the ignition lock, which can be found exactly where the fans believe it belongs, and the cozy interior, which has been taken over from the 99 and 900.

Saab 9-3 OG Aero 2001
Saab 9-3 OG Aero 2001

More Saab is hardly possible. The 9-3 OG is on the way to becoming a classic, but the campaign in Sweden was a kind of acid test.

As strange as it sounds, Sweden is tricky territory for Saab. Abroad, Saab classics and youngtimers are more expensive and valued more. A fact that has to do with the history of the brand.

Beyond Skåne, a Saab has always been an expensive, exotic car. Powerful engines, exclusive equipment and prices that were in the top league at the time of a Saab 900 or 9000. The strategy at home was much less return-oriented. There the Saab directors wanted to see above all numbers and market shares. The era with the inexpensive entry-level models shaped the image in Sweden and is still not over today.

Saab 9-3 OG starts the classic career

Therefore, the result of the last auction in Sweden is almost an accolade for the Saab 9-3 OG Aero. A coupe in one remarkable condition, which was at the high end of its estimate. The new owner paid the equivalent of € 11.800 plus buyer's premium, in Germany or the Netherlands the Saab would have been even more expensive. But it is a clear signal from Sweden that the classic career of the old 9-3 series is picking up speed.

Saab 95 V4 1974
Saab 95 V4 1974

One was also sold well Saab 95 V4, which is a new car and could tell a sentimental car story. Although it was below the estimated value, it sold for the equivalent of €19.600 plus premium. In terms of price, the Saab 95 and 96 had reached their zenith years ago. Since then, prices have been crumbling and, at best, prices have been moving sideways.

On the other hand, a Saab 96 V4 Rally was not sold, which was in poor condition but was highly rated by the auction house. Rust and a hard-to-estimate restoration effort put potential buyers in a bad mood.

Here the Swedes think no differently from the rest of the world. Quality and good condition alone, as well as a conclusive history, are accepted. Repair jams and a neglected condition arrive badly, these cars come to a standstill. Which applies not only to youngtimers and classics, but also to every used car.

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    Indeed, a beautiful, timelessly elegant car that looks great in the gray. It's a shame that the standard sound of the exhaust system in the Aero is so cautious. After 350.000 km Saab 900 T16S I'm really missing something ... the throaty, snotty rumbling.

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    I am pleased that the 9-3I is moving forward and upwards. For me, all 3 body styles are timelessly beautiful and have been underestimated for a long time.
    Let's take care of them or build them up and enjoy!!

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    Eyes - laughing and crying

    I think it's great when good specimens are clearly appreciated. But I feel sad when everything else is left aside. It is such a shame ...

    The (spare parts) situation for old Saab and Volvo is still relatively relaxed. A missing or disastrous history does not necessarily have to end in the scrap press. More courage would save many copies and you can sometimes rewrite the history of a vehicle yourself at a reasonable cost ...

    On my old Volvo, the brake system, fuel system, ignition system, starter, alternator, chassis and more have been completely renewed. Who cares if the service was seamless from 1970 to 1991? That was 30 years ago ...
    A new ignition coil does not cost the world and a new distributor cap even for a 6-cylinder less than a reasonably drinkable bottle of wine. After 20 years, I don't care whether the brake pads, lines and discs were regularly checked by the authorized dealer 30, 40 or 51 years ago. Everything is new now. The history of the last few years is decisive. The more new parts, the better. And the best thing to do is to write and document this story yourself. If something does happen, troubleshooting is easy. 99% of the time it is where new parts have not yet been installed.

    But be that as it may. Good examples have their charm. Without a doubt. Is only sad when it becomes binary. Not everything that isn't top also belongs on the scrap heap...

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    Yes, 9-3 I are unfortunately rare and that with the Viggen is (once again) a very sad story. All the more gratifying was my drive through HH yesterday (approx. 6 km short): I spotted a 9-5 chrome glasses station wagon in the parking lot, on the way a 9-3 I convertible and then, funnily enough, a very nice black 9-3 I hatchback and I parked with mine 9-3 II SC directly next to each other in front of the district office (postal voting on site). Which of course led to a long, nice chat between the owner and me: About our two Saabs each (he had just bought a 9-5 station wagon Bj. 2000 in very good condition the day before), the many advantages of our treasures, that we nothing want to drive differently, recommended workshops, etc.. Super nice and just typical of Saab! 🙂 Finally, I recommended the Saabblog, which was previously unknown to him...

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    Everyone immediately recognizes the 9-3 I as a SAAB. Even those who have nothing to do with SAAB then tell me: Look, there's a SAAB driving. 🙂

    Unfortunately, these moments are becoming increasingly rare, the 9-3 I is rare….

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    Yes, a dream car - completely Saab and with a great look. You could become weak if you hadn't already become weak 🙂
    For my taste, the 9-3 I Coupe is even a bit 'saabier'. And one of these has been - luckily - just around the corner since last year! It is pure driving pleasure to drive with it, you do not notice the almost 20 years under your belt, except for the seats. Because they are a class better than what you expect the driver to do today.
    It's a shame that such an automotive quality is a thing of the past.

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