Sports car manufacturer Koenigsegg AB expands in Ängelholm

Koenigsegg AB remains on a growth path. With the Gemera, whose production will begin in 2023, it will write another chapter in the success story. In order to create the necessary spatial conditions, Koenigsegg AB is expanding with an investment of millions in cooperation with real estate developer PEAB AB at the traditional location in Ängelholm.

Koenigsegg Gemera
Investments for the Koenigsegg Gemera in Ängelholm

A new production facility in Ängelholm

For this purpose, Koenigsegg and founded PEAB a joint venture called PEKO Festighets AB. PEKO is building a new turnkey production hall, an event location, offices and exhibition areas. A total of 11.000 square meters of new usable space will be created. Construction will now start in September 2021.

The contract is worth SEK 191 million (€ 18,6 million) and is expected to be completed in March 2023. This means that the possible start-up date for the Koenigsegg Gemera, which is to be manufactured in the new production facility, is within sight. The Gemera is the first GT from the Swedish manufacturer. It offers space for up to 4 passengers and is the world's first sports car to come onto the market with the revolutionary FreeValve motor, a Koenigsegg innovation.

Only a few weeks ago Koenigsegg acquired NEVS 'shares in the NEVS "Meneko" joint venture bought back. The company wanted to produce the Koenigsegg Gemera, components should be manufactured in Trollhättan. NEVS was originally the main shareholder of the project and had the entry cost in 2019 for the sum of 150 million US $.

The financial situation at NEVS is tense due to the turbulence of the Chinese owner. As Koenigsegg announced, the repurchase of the shares was carried out at a “reasonable price”. This is to be understood as a substantial discount from the original amount of the investment. Certainly good business for Christian von Koenigsegg. For NEVS, however, the fresh liquidity could ensure the company's survival.

Seen in this way, both parties benefit from it.

Whether the Trollhättan location is still being planned as a component plant remains unclear and depends on further developments at NEVS.

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  • blank

    Shipwreck light

    The deal (buyback of the shares in the joint venture) is as if NEVS had owned a yacht. Then CvR pulled the signal pistol because of poor ship management, put NEVS on your chest and said you can have biscuits, water, vests and a life raft from me if you overwrite your shares ...

    Those who did not clearly say NO to this were obviously overwhelmed with their tasks on board. Very unlikely that after this experience with this crew, CvR will take any new approach.

    Even if there is currently nothing to suggest that Koenigsegg could and would ever plan a production vehicle, one seems more likely to be without the involvement of NEVS than with. NEVS is not Saab and has not lost the naming rights for no reason. I am glad that this tragedy is not overwritten with Saab.
    Imagine the headlines:
    Saab loses Christian's trust.
    Can Saab build a Sion?
    Evergrande is cutting its payments to Saab.
    Saab owes its 92 employees three months' salary - and so on ...

    How glad I am that we are spared such reports that NEVS is not Saab ...

  • blank

    It is a shame that the cooperation with NEVS is now down the drain. I always had the hope that at some point in the distant future something that we had developed together would roll out. That seems to be finally off the table.

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    It is a shame that the creative minds in Sweden only spend their time with the super sports car (which is not really needed), the 9-x mentioned in the previous article would certainly have increased the pressure to innovate on the entire industry again ..., what a shame from Koenigsegg how a Polestar 1 is coming, still not mass-produced but at least within reach.

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