Saab - More than a car - Autogrip adhesive mat

It's been a couple of years. In 2013 we tested the “Saab - More than a car” Autogrip adhesive mat at Easter. It turned out to be not entirely serious Test and it was about how many eggs plus the Easter bunny would fit on the adhesive mat. The result, a rabbit and 9 Easter eggs, was okay at the time. The adhesive mat stayed in the test car, my 9-3 Aero. To this day. Easter eggs plus bunny had a much shorter life. They were quickly eaten away.

Saab - More than a car - Autogrip adhesive mat
Saab - More than a car - Autogrip adhesive mat

In the last 8 years in the Saab 9-3 Aero OG, the mat has not lost any of its capabilities. It holds everything that needs to be held and partly replaces the sparse storage space in the Saab. The long-term test, however, without chocolate, has also passed.

At the time, the adhesive mats were a campaign by the German branch of Saab Automobile Parts AB.

A real Saab product that was available for a limited time. Saab partners and fans received some, in one workshop a whole box survived until the company was dissolved.

A chance for the fans, because we are reselling the adhesive mats. For our Aero X Club members and holders of the old Turbo Plus subscription. At the friendly price of € 1,19 each. Since availability is very limited, there is only one adhesive mat per order.

So that as many readers as possible can be happy about it.

The sale starts on Sunday, in our Aero X Club Store. If the mat is out of stock, it will ultimately no longer be available. It is more than unlikely that we will get more supplies. The Easter egg test of the “Saab - More than a car” Autogrip adhesive mat from 2013 can here be found.

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    Again a great and very rare Saab product from better times. I still have one in its original packaging.
    By the way, yesterday came the Saabturbotasse and the model of the Saab 900i from the Swedish police. Both are very successful and you have to have them. Both are top prices for the quality. Thanks Tom.

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    Very impressive Easter bunny / egg test! 🙂 I MUST have such an ingenious mat! It's a shame that there is only one mat per person, so of course I have to think long and hard about which of the two Saabs should get the mat. VERY difficult decision ... 🙁 (But of course the limitation is fair and social.) Incidentally, today I was finally able to stick the long-awaited Troll sticker from the outside on the black part of the rear window of the 9-3 SC. The little guy is doing great there! 🙂 Thank you very much!

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    How is it that the whole financial world is currently only talking about EVERGRANDE, where the owners of NEVS and the Trollhättan factory are formerly Saab and we do not hear any comment on the Saab blog? If they run out of air and the Chinese government does not help, this could trigger a major international financial crash due to the numerous interdependencies between banks with the huge mountain of debt and ruin all car plans in China and Trollhättan….

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      Dear Ullrich, I first read the Evergrande dilemma here, long before the quality media reported anything about it. You have to go back a few weeks and read the older articles.

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        Or just a few days ...

        Evergrande, NEVS, Koenigsegg and even Sono Motors - everything that could somehow, even be remotely, affect Trollhättan's perspectives is always up-to-date, informative and presented in a reflected manner.

        PS The price for the mat is more than friendly, it is more of the symbolic €. Very cool. 119 cents? The blog is probably VAT liable, right?

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