Recommended Swede - Saab 9-3 Cabriolet (2009)

Although the brand no longer produces cars, but continues to build airplanes, Saab can always be found on the recommendation lists. In the US, Kelley Blue Book is considered a leading portal when it comes to buying cars. Recommendations are important, if only for the resale value and the workshops. In the current list of 10 recommended convertibles from previous ownership you can also find the Saab 9-3 Cabriolet (2009).

Kelley Blue Book recommends the Saab 9-3 Cabriolet
Kelley Blue Book recommends the Saab 9-3 Cabriolet

US portal recommends the Saab 9-3 Cabriolet

The Kelley Blue Book platform publishes a list of 10 recommended convertibles under US$ 10.000. It is led by the Mazda MX 5, which according to European perception is a roadster, but not a convertible. The Mini Cabriolet is recommended, the BMW Z4, which is also a roadster. In 10th place is the Saab 9-3 Cabriolet (2009), which, according to research by Kelley Blue Book, is available for less than US$10.000 in the USA.

Saab 9-3 Cabriolet before facelift are cheaper
Saab 9-3 Cabriolet before facelift are cheaper

Prices cheaper than in Europe

Subsequent research on this platform shows that prices in North America can sometimes be theoretical. There is only one convertible that meets these search criteria. If you dig a little deeper, you will see pricing that is similar to the European one. Before the facelift, the convertibles rank well under US $ 10.000, after the facelift it is above. Convertibles with low mileage are significantly more expensive, even if they remain below the prices that are paid in Germany.

The price development for the 9-3 OG is interesting. The Cabriolets, in the typical Saab design, are traded higher in the USA than in Europe. Their classic career has already begun in North America.

Not cheaper than in Europe - the Saab 9-3 OG Cabriolet
Not cheaper than in Europe - the Saab 9-3 OG Cabriolet

Importing is rarely worthwhile

Importing is only worthwhile in very few cases, the price difference is too small and the vehicles have not yet achieved the status of a classic, which exempts them from taxes when they are imported. The range of good Saab 9-3 convertibles is also plentiful in Europe. It is quite possible to find the right Saab in the color and engine of your choice.

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