The Saab 900 NG, which was now available at a new car price

Analog cars have a market. Beyond the electric car, touchscreens and assistance systems. Why? Because ease of use and the wisdom that form should subordinate itself to function are still justified. So it is not surprising when an analog Saab new car was auctioned in Sweden at a price that could be higher than the original price at the time. You have to know that the new car is already 23 years old. And belongs to a series that fans have so far given the cold shoulder.

Saab 900OG 1998
Saab 900OG 1998

A hatchback - a real Saab

But a Saab 900 NG is a real Saab after all. Its design is clear and makes it easy to identify the 900 as such. The penultimate hatchback from the Troll forge in the Stallbacka is still pleasant to drive today, an upcoming classic that will pleasantly stand out from the crowd of SUVs.

In Sweden a 900 NG has now been made from the Talladega special series auctioned. On the speedometer you could read an unbelievable 624 kilometers, the Saab was without a doubt in the condition of a new car. But, it wasn't just that. Nordic Tuning provided the 900 with a performance upgrade and Hirsch rims ensured an optimized visual appearance.

New car feeling - built in 1998
New car feeling - built in 1998

Old car for a new car price

This very well equipped Saab 900 NG was estimated at a value of 11 to 15.000 €. A real bargain, because which new car would you get for this money? Even more people saw it that way. You were diligently bidding on the Saab 900 NG, the auction of which ended today. In the end, the bid was 320.000 seconds (around € 31.379) well above the original estimate. In addition, there is the premium for the auction house, so the Saab was not particularly cheap.

If you convert the € price into (old) DM, you end up with a little more than 61.000 DM. The list price for the “normal” Saab 900 NG with the top engine in 1998 in Germany was 52.500 €. The special model, with the additional equipment chosen by the buyer, could also have been in this price segment.

Underbody = new car
Underbody = new car

90s classics on the rise

The auction result is a small sensation for the 900 NG series, which has so far been spurned by many fans. The few survivors of this range that are in good condition will continue to increase in value. Regardless of brand affinity, this generation of vehicles is becoming increasingly popular. Vehicles from the 1990s are easy and self-explanatory to operate, free from too much electronics and drive almost like modern vehicles.

Saab Sonett II - record price
Saab Sonett II - record price

The market for well-maintained analog vehicles will grow in the future, but the range will naturally remain manageable. Apart from that, the Saab brand is on an upward trend. Ten years after its end, the appreciation continues to grow. An elaborately restored one Saab Sonnet II achieved 370.000 SEK in this auction (the equivalent of 36.400,00 €). A new record price for the Sonett II series and also above the estimated value.

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  • It was almost clear. The 900 looked too good, I would have liked it too.

  • As a long-time driver of a 900 NG convertible, I am also very happy about the unexpected result.
    And hope that the upward trend in the series continues. Usable vehicles are of course a prerequisite. And there it looks really sad….

    The Lizi

  • Great prices!
    That gives hope.
    The new owners have a lot of fun with the saws!

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