One last chance - Saab espresso cups (Classic Edition)

There is one last chance for the Saab espresso cups (Classic Edition). During our campaign in April we kept a small supply back from the overproduction. In the event that cups are damaged in transit or do not arrive. Fortunately, none of this happened. Therefore there is the unique possibility to buy more cups or to get some at all. Because it is the last reserves that go online on Sunday.

Saab Espresso Cup Classic Edition
Saab Espresso Cup Classic Edition

The cups were a brave one E. 250 pieces, would someone want them or would I have birthday presents for my friends forever? The experiment succeeded and the 250 cups were quickly sold out. Out of sheer caution, we held back the overproduction and waited to see what would happen.

We will put this small stock of 24 cups in the Aero X Shop on Sunday. If the 4 packages are out of stock, the cups are gone for good. But, and that is exciting to know, the puristic Classic Edition with the old Saab lettering and reduced forms will be further developed. One Espresso cup is just an espresso cup, and in our opinion there is room for more. We are working hard to keep the world saabier, on Monday I will tell you what our subscribers can expect in the fourth quarter.

And there is a lot of excitement and surprise waiting for you!

The Aero X Club Store is available exclusively to holders of an Aero X subscription and holders of the old Turbo Plus subscription.

4 thoughts on "One last chance - Saab espresso cups (Classic Edition)"

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    The saucer - the underdog

    But this Saab mug is also simply beautiful and has already been honored by many comments. I also noticed the saucer positively. The dimension is perfect and cannot be taken for granted. There is enough space for an espresso spoon and a small pastry.
    Spoons & pastries are like the luggage of an espresso and this design is typical Saab, is like the hatchback (Saab 900, 9-3 I or a 9K) under the espresso cups. Cups that are too small with too little space for spoons and baked goods are an unnecessary nuisance. For me, the saucer is the secret star and the worthy bearer of a well-designed crown. You have to appreciate that too.

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    Now I've been checking in all Sunday, but the cups are still off.
    Was I late and they went away in 5 minutes?

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      Too late. But it took 50 minutes until everyone was gone.

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      Felt the same way…. 🙁

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