Aero X Club - what are we planning for the 4th quarter of 2021?

A reader wrote to me a few days ago that we should get more serious about our actions for the Aero X Club. Get away from these Saab stickers and so on, please be serious. Of course I listen to what the readers want. If more seriousness is desired, then I'll try. What serious things are you doing about Saab? Not an easy question, because Saab is a hobby. The blog team made an effort and came up with some good ideas. Today I'll tell you what exactly is waiting for the Aero X Club members.

Saab Coffee Cup (Classic Edition)
Saab Coffee Cup (Classic Edition)

For the 4th quarter we have 2 actions that we will push onto the runway. It should actually be three. But we weren't sure about the third action and put it on hold. Nevertheless, there should be something for everyone.

October: Saab coffee cup (Classic Edition)

Actually, the campaign should be called "Saab favorite cup". Matching the Espresso cups let's expand the Classic Edition and add a classic coffee cup. Of course, members of the blog team primarily have access to products that officially don't even exist yet.

The new Saab coffee cup, which comes in a puristic, Scandinavian design, quickly mutated into the “Saab favorite cup” in the team. Why? It is just a classic coffee cup, without frills, large, valuable and robust. A mug that may, over the years, acquire minor damage from use, known as a patina.

But a cup that accompanies you for a long time. The ideal Christmas present for everyone who likes Saab. For this reason we have had a few more cups produced, even if the promotion is limited.

The Saab coffee cup (Classic Edition) will be presented next week and will go online in the Aero X Club Shop.

November: Saab vehicle first aid bags

Have you ever looked in your trunk? Is the first-aid kit still up-to-date or do parts need to be replaced? And above all: is Saab written on this bag? It is probably not so. Our mission is to keep the world saab and we don’t stop at serious things like a first aid kit.

Our partner produces the first-aid bags in Germany, and we have created an appealing design that is typically Saab and certainly unusual. The Saab vehicle first aid bags are our contribution to getting something serious and useful off the ground. The campaign goes online in November.

Exclusive - for Aero X Club members

Was that it? Probably not! One or the other spontaneous thing from the old Saab world is lurking around the corner. Things that actually no longer exist, but that we have dug up somewhere in small numbers. Coming from the time when people in Trollhättan still let really good cars roll off the production line.

Even if not everyone is happy with it. Our Shop is exclusively open to Aero X subscribers and the owners of the old Turbo Plus subscription. Only for them there are these beautiful, nice, and this time also useful Saab little things. Which you don't have to have, but which are a lot of fun!

16 thoughts on "Aero X Club - what are we planning for the 4th quarter of 2021?"

  • ... a shabby first aid kit? This is another great idea, dear blog team! Even if I got a first-aid kit from my breakdown service in Austria for my newcomer a few weeks ago, I'll get one in the blog shop.
    Since I just received an inquiry about Saab umbrellas in the Austrian Saab Club, wouldn't that also be an idea for the shop?

    • We have a lot of ideas ;-). It's such a (difficult) thing with the umbrellas. Saab umbrellas from Asian sources could be produced quickly and cheaply. If you want. I do not want that.

      Umbrellas from a European manufacturer would be better, more valuable, more durable and sustainable anyway. But expensive. Would anyone like to pay for it?

  • The Christmas gifts are hereby secured from Saab's point of view 🙂 Great!

  • Boring / profane / not very serious ... ???
    I'm always amazed at how creative ideas are created and implemented in the "ideas forge" of the SAAB blog. Great. Thanks.
    The first aid kit is (again) a super ingenious idea ... and probably, like a SAAB, to be used for a long time.
    (The content may of course be updated from time to time 😉)

  • Hey there!
    First aid bags in November? Do I have to go with the HU

    Greetings from Bad Salzdetfurth

  • Nice idea with the first-aid bag. Unfortunately it's three weeks too late for me. For next month's HU I had to get a new one and I did that a short time ago.

  • It's great Tom what you and your team are doing here. I really enjoy the coffee cups with the “tyre rubber tread” coasters – and the espresso cups are already a fixed part of my daily routine. The idea with the first-aid kit is great - and will be an incentive to finally replace the old one, which fortunately has only been a "silent passenger" for many years.

  • “such”…

  • Beware of such commitment. I don't understand the statement "more serious". So far, the products in the shop have always been worth ordering. Either for use or for the showcase. I'm curious what else you have in mind. The sanitary box is another great idea, I just need one.
    Maybe you can run a small ideas competition in the long term. Everything that reminds of Saab or helps to keep Saab awake deserves respect.

  • ... a shabby first aid kit?
    That sounds great! 🙂

  • A nice idea! Such a big coffee cup 😉 is definitely missing on my desk. Hopefully you can order more than one?

    I have a need ...

    • No problem. There will be no quantity limit.

      • I would have wished for a quantity restriction when ordering espresso cups and would have been fair. Not everyone has the time to do private things during the day.

        • I do not understand. It is specially announced that there is very little there and that it is really the last pieces. Then the appointment will be set on Sunday so that everyone who is interested has a chance. It is hardly possible to be more close than by Tom, who wraps almost everyone here in cotton wool.

          And then disappointment anyway? How would you have liked it?

          • Yes, disappointment anyway! I checked the shop five times from 11:30 a.m. The cups were not available for two people. So, disappointment anyway!
            In addition, the quantity restrictions would have been necessary for the first opportunity to order a few Monday, from my point of view.

            • I understand your frustration.
              But I can't think of a solution how to do it differently and better.
              There are always several swords of Damocles hanging over each of these pre-financing (!) Blog campaigns ...
              Tom has alluded to them here several times. Is everything going away at all? Does it arrive safely at the customer? So what reserve do you keep back and forth?
              What is the situation in terms of value, appreciation and performance depending on the conditions?
              Overproduction would be a disaster. A successive ordering process with a volume discussion would be an imposition for both sides. It's already done well, the way it is, I think ...
              It's like a greeting from the (Saab) kitchen. A little joy that you have no claim to. Ultimately, they are gifts and gifts that would not exist without the blog and that should be given to like-minded people without envy...

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