Saab meeting in the Cologne / Bonn and Hanover / Braunschweig area

Compared to the times before the pandemic, we can report far fewer Saab events. But they still exist, the get-togethers and get-togethers all over the country. They have become rarer and they take place in strict compliance with the local 3G or 2G rules. There are currently two dates for the greater Cologne / Bonn and Hanover / Braunschweig areas.

Saab meeting Cologne / Bonn and Hanover Braunschweig

  • Thursday, 07.10.2021

We will meet on Thursday, October 07th, 2021 from 19:00 a.m. to the regulars' table of the SAAB friends Cologne / Bonn.

Due to the season now in our "autumn & winter bar", guest house buck bush, Bockenbuscher Weg 2, 53819 Neunkirchen.

We look forward to active participation combined with interesting conversations and good food!

Even if the situation seems to have eased somewhat: Please remember the 3 rule!

  • Sunday, 24.10.2021

Regulars' table Hanover / Braunschweig. On October 24.10.2021th, 15 there will be a "regular" get-together again in the Kreuzkrug from 00:XNUMX p.m.

2G applies!

You no longer have to wear masks in the restaurant. You can move around freely and the shop will be fully occupied again.

For us that also means that we no longer have to spread ourselves out over so many tables with only two households and such.

The only condition is that you have to have your vaccination or convalescence certificate with you and register accordingly when you enter.

  • Saab weekend June 10-12, 2022

75 years of Saab Spirit - the big Saab Festival in Saab's homeland

Trollhättan - Sweden. Program follows.

Saab event planned?

If you are planning a Saab event, a trip or a social meeting, then bring it on. We publish as promptly and flexibly as possible and the Saab fans look forward to further reports.

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One thought on "Saab meeting in the Cologne / Bonn and Hanover / Braunschweig area"

  • blank

    In the spirit of the free spirit and own thinking, the questioning of established "norms" and human interaction - according to SAAB - I am not surprised that fewer events are reported. Those that everyone can come up with because they do not exclude people based on biological characteristics, they are now increasingly taking place “under the radar” or in such a way that they run in peace and without governmental guidelines - free, relaxed, fearless. At this point, we can decide for ourselves how we treat each other and in which direction of society we want to steer.
    I am partly shocked that people ride this film so hard and now even accept 2G as the norm for a meeting. Unfortunately, that is a long way from 'community' around a brand that wanted to live decision-making with its own understanding and individuality.

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