Koenigsegg Regera - new record on the Knutstorp Ring

For the Swedes, the Knutstorp Ring is something like a small edition of the Nürburgring. Riddled with curves and dips, it is challenging to drive. This is exactly where Koenigsegg wants to sweep the McLaren Senna (P15) from the throne and set a new lap record. For this, the team from Ängelholm chooses the Regera. This is actually the luxurious model, intended for long trips. That is what they say at Koenigsegg.

Koenigsegg Regera
Koenigsegg Regera

Complex technology icon from Sweden

The Regera is an icon from Sweden that has a complex technical package. The Koenigsegg Twin Turbo V8 delivers 1.100 hp. Three electric motors, the Regera is a hybrid athlete, support the V8, the system output is 1.500 hp and 2000 Nm torque. The V8 sends its power to the rear axle in just one gear (!) Via the patented Koenigsegg Direct Drive (KDD).

The acceleration from 0 to 400 km / h is done in just 20 seconds.

The superlative Swedish plug-in hybrid got off to a good start with the help of 2 electric motors. 350 Nm are available as torque from the start. When the Regera has reached a speed of approx. 40 to 50 km / h, the clutch closes and the V8 twin turbo combustion engine intervenes in the acceleration process.

A third electric motor supports the combustion engine, which at this point runs at only 600 revolutions. It acts directly on the crankshaft and adds another 400 Nm. If the Regera has reached a speed of 120 km / h, the V8 already has 2700 revolutions. The V4.100 only reaches its peak performance at 8 rpm with 1.280 Nm.

A lot of strength - little Knutstorp ring

The Knutstorp Ring is not designed for top speed. In principle, the Regera runs out of ring while driving, the Koenigsegg does not come close to 400 km / h. The Regera beats the McLaren Senna (P15) (lap time 1.04.50:1.03.84:1) with XNUMX:XNUMX:XNUMX and takes first place on the list of the best.

For Koenigsegg, the day at the Knutstorp Ring was above all a show, good press and fun chasing the Regera across the track. It wasn't about orders. Because the edition of 80 Regera and Regera RS has been sold out since 2017.

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  • blank

    completely pointless,… .but awesome !! 😉

    • blank

      I don't understand the concept mathematically ...

      If you are already running 120 rpm with KDD at 2.700 km / h, it is already 240 rpm at 5.400 km / h and 8.100 rpm at 360 km / h. How high does this V8 turn?

      And can he hold out over long distances? And why should he? There is enough power. So why not just shift up a gear and drive 240 or 300 km / h at a more comfortable speed?

      A luxurious model for long trips? CvR really has very special ideas about what that means. The man definitely has a sense of humor - on or beyond the limit of cynicism? No matter. His customers share him ...


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