Long use is sustainable - creativity is required!

The new week begins with an impertinence! The creativity of the reader is required. It's about long use and lived sustainability. About old cars, from Saab of course, and showing your opinion. Of course, our cars are getting older and older, the youngest are now 10 years old. The crowd, however, is at the stage of a youngtimer or is already one of the classics that already have the H license plate in view. Long-term use is sustainable, but this is not an opinion that (currently) has a majority. I think we should tweak it a little ...

Long use is sustainable
Long use is sustainable - classic Saab 900

Youngtimers instead of new cars

If we want to do something for the environment, then our consumer behavior has to change. It is not enough to swap the combustion engine for an electric car - that would be too simple. Because everything that is newly produced consumes resources. The green electric car is an invention of advertising, it has nothing to do with reality.

It is better to rethink your behavior in general. Instead of taking the train by car or bike, and repairing older things instead of throwing them away and replacing them with a new device. Of course, it is more intelligent to use the old combustion engine until it runs out. Repairs are also cheaper than buying new and add value on site.

Just how do I tell this story?

We're looking for a slogan that gets to the heart of this idea. That less consumption is more intelligent, longer use is recommended, and that it is in the interests of the environment to use or consume an older car to the end. Which, admittedly, can take a little longer with a Saab.

Creativity is required!

Readers are asked to find a catchy slogan. One that we can stick on every Saab and that shows that we care about the environment and that (not only) that is why we are traveling with a car from Trollhättan.

The task is not easy, which I am aware of.

And so it goes on: We are looking for that one good slogan that we can print on stickers and other items. To show opinion and to advertise sustainability in practice.

Of course, this slogan is worth something to us! We reward the creative, printable, ultimate idea with an Aero X subscription for 12 months! If you already have a subscription, we will extend it for another year free of charge.

Now it is time for the readers and their creative ideas! I look forward to the ideas!


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    Tom close the comments, there are too many good sayings! Maybe we should put on a t-shirt collection, or a departure calendar, a new SAAB slogan every day! Should be enough soon!
    What actually happened to the "Why am I still driving SAAB" campaign? Did I miss anything?

    Then another saying, Markus Rachinger inspired me with his Greta saying:

    SAAB - the real world saver from Sweden

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      That's right. First we close the collection and evaluate it. It continues after the weekend.

      “Why am I driving….” is being worked on. Before that, I'll start another project that I've been working on for a while. The lead times are currently a bit long, I am aware 😉

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    SAAB - the satisfactory vs. obsolecence

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    Fred Feuerstein's idea came to me spontaneously: to use the 4 letters of the company name!
    So here is my version (s):

    A alternative
    A utomobile

    and / or also:

    A lovely

    There are certainly more "crunchy" connections, but the "hanger" to redefine the 4 letters SAAB has, in my opinion, 'what!?

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    Beat the system. Keep a SAAB.

    The original, converted here to current conditions and SAAB, was an advertisement in the USA in 1971.
    A semi-trailer truck drives lots of junk cars out of a city, another new road cruiser into it. The headline: Beat the System. Buy a Volvo. Ultimately a call to consumption ...

    The slogan above is more consistent.

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    I can see that the choice will be very difficult for us.

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    ... my son also has one:

    Saab built yesterday for tomorrow

  • And the last ideas

    Driving Saab, living sustainability


    Saab - Driving Sustainability

    Or even SWEDISH!

    Bevared Saab is great

    • Bevarad Saab is great

      Is more correct

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    SAAB claims

    Two other people who play with it come to mind:

    SAAB - anything but scrab metal
    SAAB - born and raised to last

    As an homage to the familiar, transformed in the sense of the thought ...

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    B stay

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    SAAB - sustainable even without greenwashing / SAAB - sustainable even without greenwashing

    each with a little wink.

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    Sustainable gray energy - Saab

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    great suggestions and a lively turnout. You don't even dare to ...
    I think the appeal and the article are great. The thought speaks to me from the soul.

    However, anyone who thinks and acts against the throwaway society can claim the sustainability concept for themselves, regardless of the brand of their 10-year-old or older car ...
    So it has to be specifically Saab and cheeky, must not be arrogant and moronic at the same time, should be more tongue-in-cheek ...

    All I can think of is this:
    Saab - Last Car Standing

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    Saab - he came - saw
    And won

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      For a change, some German slogans:

      SAAB = reason + driving fun

      SAAB - individuality, safety, resource conservation: Why buy a "new" car?

      SAAB - Can individuality be more reasonable?

      SAAB - The daily pulse booster with a rational effect

      SAAB - Can reason bring more joy?

      SAAB - individual instead of conventional or reason instead of ostentation

      SAAB - intelligent sustainability versus boring mass-produced goods

      SAAB - clever resource conservation instead of meaningless status symbols

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    Man they're all good !!, do we only have copywriters here? 😉

    Also have two, with SAAB history:

    SAAB long run for future

    SAAB long run for sustainability

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      Quite a few, seriously.

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    Saab - Greta's choice
    Saab - world drive balance
    Saab - the pleasure of responsibility
    Saab - for adult people only
    Saab - destination happiness
    Saab - a statement without vanity
    Saab - my other car is a bicycle
    Saab - the art of understatement
    Saab - smile for the earth

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      I had to smile at Greta. Saved me Monday. The choice will be difficult.

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    Have two on offer:
    Sustainability is an attitude
    SAAB - Swedish infinity

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    I also had a thought:

    Sustainable cars made by Saab, born from jets, built for eternity… .. Or something like that. With the right logo it will definitely make a difference.

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      I like it very much. For the sticker, short and concise: "SAAB, born from jets, built for eternity"

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    Not quite so with a mallet, but if you want you can fix it correctly, because it is a property that has stood the test of time:

    SAAB The NowTimer.
    A car to keep forever.

    Best regards,

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    Save the world, drive SAAB!
    Simply sustainable ...

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    I would think of the saying, Saab Until death do you part.
    I always take this argument as to when it is sustainable to drive an old car instead of a new (electric) car. I always say in an exaggerated way that the sign to leave is only when a tree falls on the car. Two lives then go. The tree and the car. Until then, care, drive, use and enjoy applies.

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    SAAB - and further ...
    SAAB - a big step further ...
    SAAB - go further ...

    That could be continued. The conciseness of a campaign or a saying often lives from the brevity with spice.

    'SAAB - the most sustainable car ever built' (based on the '80s campaign in the USA with 'intelligent' I wouldn't find it appropriate because I see a few other models from other manufacturers that are made for a longer carefree life.

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    I think we could take the following slogan with the connection between sustainable and SAAB:

    “SAAB sustainably built to stay”
    "SAAB - connecting intelligent sustainability to the future"
    "SAAB intelligence in aging is the sustainability of the future"

    it would have to be translated into English accordingly,

    Greetings Matthias

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      SAAB: Sustainable Swedish Engineering

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    Value. Resistant. SAAB. - Move your mind.
    Value. Enduring. SAAB. - Move your mind.

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    saab long life only

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    Sustainability in practice. SAAB

    Sustainability has a name. SAAB

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    I received the following emails:

    "Old & Sustainable - It's still a SAAB!!!"

    "Sustainability with a difference - SAAB"

    "SAAB - more sustainable is not possible!"

    "SAAB - Sustainable since 1947"

    "SAAB! – Why driving an E-Car?”

    "SAAB! – Sustainability or an E-Car? "

  • Another idea:

    I save resources, I save my Saab.


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      Hehe ... there is something to it ... ..! 🙂

      I would also like the saying similarly:
      I save resources, I keep driving my Saab
      I save resources, I keep driving Saab

  • ´´Slogan for long sustainable use by Saab owners´´

    ´´Old and Good - but not to Old to Die´´

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    “Nihil fit sine causa- “Nothing happens without a reason”

    Saab, "The fascination is the representation of the moment"

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      Latin - that evokes memories of youth 😉

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      Jesus would drive a Saab
      Sustainable And Also Beloved - Saab

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    "Built to last and save the planet"

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      I like it!

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      Pretty good ... but also pretty thick (... and save the planet ...), right?

      I think Saab didn't think about it 100% back then and even today it doesn't quite fit our beautiful Swedes (unfortunately we are not saving the planet with it ... we may only contribute a little at most to it ). 🙂 😉

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    Everlasting love: SAAB

    SAAB. Year after year after year

    SAAB. what else?

    Saab, used up to the max

    Years are going, SAAB stays strong

    My Saab is my castel not exactly original but memorable

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      Hehehe …. Shouldn't it be called that (because of the great seats and "plush" fabrics)?

      My SAAB is my living room! 😉

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    SOS Save our Saab (s) - Enjoy sustainability

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    ... there is the question whether in English or German?

    English, the reversal of the saying "What lasts long - brings no money" would be:

    “What lasts – saves the world”

    maybe supplemented by: ... my SAAB is XX years old
    or: my SAAB born XXXX
    or: SAAB, built to last

    So in German I would say:
    What lasts long - save the world
    SAAB, built to last

    In English:
    I use my SAAB longer
    I save the world

    I think the time has been chosen correctly, now that there are not many things you have to use a lot longer anyway 🙂

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      I think English would be good. Somehow we (and the blog) are international.

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    SAAB. Driving sustainability. Or SAAB. driven sustainability

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    I think if that is supposed to give rise to a kind of movement, then it would be best if it happened internationally. Hence English so that “everyone” can understand it. And preferably in the we-form.

    We love the planet, so we drive Saab

    We love our planet, so we keep our Saab

    Or of course the same thing also works in the first-person form, or something different, but here also possible in the first-person form

    I love the planet, I drive my Saab forever

    Or then

    We love our planet, we drive our Saabs forever

    Greetings Gigi

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