Koenigsegg Gemera at the Circuit de Reims-Gueux

The Circuit de Reims-Gueux is a legendary race track in France that is no longer used today. For the Gemera von Koenigsegg, the artifacts form a suitable backdrop to make a short stop. As always, when the Gemera appears somewhere, clusters of people form spontaneously. The other question is whether it was coincidence that a YouTuber was there. The pictures are definitely informative.

Koenigsegg Gemera
Koenigsegg Gemera

The Koenigsegg Gemera opens a new chapter in the history of the brand in every respect. The first GT with four seats, the world's first vehicle with the revolutionary FreeValve engine. Koenigsegg is also breaking new ground when it comes to design. The Gemera raises the design language to an even higher quality level than before.

The YouTube video shows details for the first time and gives a brief look at the FreeValve motor of the Gemera. The GT from Ängelholm is a very spectacular vehicle in every respect, of which there are said to be 300 copies. For Christian von Koenigsegg's manufactory an unheard-of, unprecedented number of pieces. However, there is no reason to fear that you will see the Gemera on every street corner.

Of course, the world doesn't need extreme sports cars like the Gemera, which are by no means environmentally friendly despite the optional ethanol operation. But it's good that they exist. Innovative vehicles, high technology from Sweden are created in the factory in Ängelholm. Koenigsegg inventions like the FreeValve engine need not be reserved for elitist super sports cars in the long term. A wider spread would help to save fossil energy, so everyone would ultimately have something from it.

The Koenigsegg moves purely electrically in the historic pit lane of the Circuit de Reims-Gueux. He can do that too, politically correct and for 50 kilometers. But, somehow you wait for the driver to press the start button and bring the FreeValve motor to life. But that doesn't happen. It's kind of unfortunate.

With images from Koenigsegg AB

3 thoughts on "Koenigsegg Gemera at the Circuit de Reims-Gueux"

  • I'm afraid that could be symbolic ...

    What is meant is the Free Valve and the fact that it was not brought to life in the video. The battle for the future of combustion engines and their potential seems to have been fought politically.

    The Gemera can even fill up with E100, right? And it's a little three-cylinder under the hood. And does it not happen?

    Yes, yes, it has somehow symbolic power. Resources are only allowed to be used and wasted electrically and then completely unabashedly and excessively. Even Greta is not angry about it. I would love to hear how she shouts to demonstrators who come to the rally on an e-scooter and can no longer walk 1.000 m (unless on an electrically operated treadmill in the gym): HOW DARE YOU? ! ?

    Well, I definitely have my doubts that a Free Valve will be found again in a production vehicle on this planet. Too bad.

    • We will see. It will be interesting to see what happens when demands and economic reality collide in the coming years.

      Opel provides a foretaste of where employees are advised to resign. Or Wolfsburg, where the idea was published yesterday to cut 30.000 employees. Predictably, an electric car has less added value. And an electric motor does not consist of 1.200 parts like an average combustion engine.

      In addition, Tesla will soon be building electric cars at the highly subsidized plant in Grünheide in half the time with less than half of the employees, who are paid even less than at the Mittelland Canal. This is done even more efficiently in China. In factories that are as good as deserted, much faster and much cheaper.

      Interesting, green (European) times. Unfortunately the earth is not flat. Beijing decided yesterday to reactivate disused coal mining. By decree and in a hurry. The growing hunger for energy takes its toll.

      • That's right, it will be exciting.

        Growing contradictions wherever you look. Space tourists freed from flight shame will in future be able to look at it from above.

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