Muted colors are by no means boring - Saab 9-3 Cabriolet 2004

When Saab introduced the second 9-3 generation, simple materials and muted colors dominated. In retrospect, it was by no means boring, even if it appeared that way in 2003. Sometimes less can be a whole lot more. Especially when an early 9-3 NG Cabriolet pulls up in muted colors throughout. Then you discover the beauty that is hidden behind the simple facade. Sad is definitely different.

Saab 9-3 Convertible 2004
Saab 9-3 Convertible 2004

Of course, in 2003 some Saab dealers and fans felt pain when they saw the new convertible and the 9-3 sedan. The interior was very simple, the plastics used did not match the standards that the brand wanted to maintain. They knitted the convertible in Trollhättan with a view to the North American market. In return, what the trolls served was fine.

But not for Europe and the rest of the world.

The problem was quickly recognized and Hirsch Performance supplied accessories to alleviate the worst of the pain. For the glove compartment there was an aluminum look strip, leather-covered handles and dashboards to visually lift the interior to a suitable level.

In 2003 the interior sparked discussions - Hirsch Performance supplied accessories
In 2003 the interior sparked discussions - Hirsch Performance supplied accessories

More than 15 years later, one sees the alleged shortcomings from then with different eyes.

Because times have changed. Fantastic interiors that are effectively illuminated with LED technology can be found in every brand. What was unthinkable in 2003 is standard today. And there is too much perfection, too much of the effects and the infinitely configurable color effects on offer. Oversaturation quickly occurs, you no longer notice the show, and you want to go back to the old analogue era.

Just like the Saab Cabriolet offered in 2004.

A Saab Cabriolet from 2004 is parked at a classic dealer in the Netherlands. A very early model that is sold at Magna in Graz and not rolled off the tapes in Trollhättan. Its condition, which corresponds completely to the original, is remarkable. You will look in vain for a deer refinement, the Saab is as it once left the factory.

Just black plastic - then plain - now almost a design event
Just black plastic - then plain - now almost a design event

Muted colors are by no means boring.

I actually like brightly colored cars. The black-black-gray orgy that German customers prefer is not my cup of tea. But in this case it is. A black Saab 9-3 Vector Cabriolet from 2004, with an interior with gray and black accents, is by no means boring. On the contrary. The consistent reduction of all color accents to a minimum, to which the radio contributes, makes the Saab stylish.

A design object that is timeless.

Witmer & Odijk, a Dutch classics dealer who always has Saab on offer, now offers this convertible. A Swedish design object that is timeless and according to the dealer's service book it is neat and in good condition.

Soft turbo with 150 hp - that's enough
Soft turbo with 150 hp - that's enough

The 150 PS Turbo is not a sports unit, but nice for comfortable cruising on sunny days. The equipment includes everything you need and even a little more. Almost 68.000 kilometers is not a lot. In principle, you can enjoy another 30.000 more carefree without breaking the magical 100.000 kilometer mark that triggers a loss of value. The € 17.950,00 that the provider would like to see on the account is therefore money well spent if the condition corresponds to what is promised.

Because Saab convertibles are recognized as good investments. The prices are stable or climb year after year, depending on the equipment and mileage. Investing in timeless design can have many benefits.

With images by Witmer and Odijk

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    The Vector version should actually have the 175 HP turbo engine.
    At least that was the case with my 2004 convertible, the aero model then had 210 hp.

  • Nice car, but I have to admit that I like the silver one on the side better. I find the interior more beautiful and I'm more of a fan of light tones. But the site itself is also great.
    From the first impression, it makes a very serious impression.

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