Long (Saab) use is sustainable - (Update)

On Monday I counted on the creativity of the readers. Long-term use is sustainable - but how should I tell this story? A catchy slogan was needed. A challenge that I've been thinking about for a long time with no result. Once again, the readers caused a surprise. The creative ideas were so abundant that I had to close the comment function on Wednesday. Because now there was too much choice and a flood of imaginative advertising slogans. It was clear that it would be difficult to select the best slogans.

Long (Saab) use is sustainable
Long (Saab) use is sustainable

It really is that a lot of people who work in the advertising industry drive a Saab. Still. You can tell by the high quality of many of the suggestions. That hits an old cliché, according to which architects, doctors, lawyers and creative people are said to have been the brand's preferred clientele. To do this, you have to state objectively that it was (and is) really like that. Saab had the customer base that other brands like to assimilate.

The fact that the brand was still thoroughly hit the wall is a completely different matter. But it is remarkable.

With the help of a friend, I have selected the best slogans as a basis for the next steps. To be honest, there were so many good sayings among them that the choice became very difficult. We have slightly modified and optimized some of the slogans.

These are our hot candidates:

  1. SAAB - Greta's Choice
  2. SAAB - My Other Car Is A Bicycle
  3. SAAB - Why Driving An E-Car?
  4. SAAB - ZERO greenwashing
  5. SAAB - Born From Jets. Built for Eternity
  6. SAAB - Use to the Max
  7. SAAB - Beat the System

What's next?

Our graphic designer now comes into play. We will see how we can prepare the project graphically. In the coming week we will play with the 7 ideas and let the possibilities surprise us. Actually, we just wanted the one perfect slogan. It will probably be the case, however, that we will not just bring one proposal to print.

2 or 3 versions are conceivable, which could be available in different variants. We will of course donate more than just an Aero X subscription for 360 days, but the cool ideas are definitely worth it.

We will present the drafts for the best Saab sustainability slogan here and also the decision on what will go to print.

A big thank you to all readers who have been and are there these weeks with fantastic ideas! The many creative suggestions have exceeded all expectations.

32 thoughts on "Long (Saab) use is sustainable - (Update)"

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    I support the request to keep e-car bashing (3) away from SAABs.
    Because, if SAAB still existed, the second or third generation of E-SAAB technology would just be launched on the market. That much should be clear. ... and quite a few readers here would also have such an E-SAAB. For me, that's a bit in the wrong direction.

    (1) and (3) don't work either, we can probably be happy if the system doesn't hit back in such a way that we can only get our sweethearts out on "burner days".

    (2) and (6) do not apply to me (unfortunately).

    Remain (4) and (5) ... I actually like the (5) best, although the saying with the jets comes from the GM era and it should also look good on a 900 or 9000.

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    Gigi's slogan is also handy:

    Saab. The most environmentally friendly car manufacturer since 2012

    Following the zeitgeist and without stepping on Greta on the feet, Markus Rachinger's is my absolute favorite, everyone understands and does not hurt anyone!

    Saab - everyday for the future
    : )

    I also think the future is better than eternity, eternity makes me think of thick iron, big stones, does not break, in the future my thoughts go to intelligent solutions and think ahead. With the electric car, we are reducing ourselves to the environmental aspects, but SAAB is more, SAAB is safety, ergonomics, design, practical solutions, and also the environment. And the whole thing is so good at SAAB that you can drive a SAAB in the future.

    I wouldn't do that with e-cars, it looks hostile to the future and the e-car is ok for certain areas of application. Especially since SAAB has also tinkered with it

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      +1 for the most environmentally friendly car manufacturer since 2012 ... the saying embodies the idea really well and conveys a slight melancholy with a wink.

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      Gigi himself calls his saying a joke ...

      No joke in the world is so good that I would stick it on my car. And a joke is neither a slogan for sustainability, nor is a joke itself sustainable ...
      After the trigger effect, thinking begins. Laughed once and then what?

      Didn't SAAB build environmentally friendly cars before 2012? Aren't all the vanished car brands the most environmentally friendly in the world? Aren't there others who have been environmentally friendly for much longer? Can't you stick this joke to everything possible with a different brand name and a different year?

      As a driver of a BioPower, the joke almost sticks in my throat.
      The car is MY 2008 and was environmentally friendly even before 2012. Theoretically, it is 85% plant-based, ideally from waste, and CO2-neutral with solar energy (photosynthesis / E85). To reduce the environmental friendliness and sustainability of a SAAB to bankruptcy would be definitely not enough for me. Even worse …

      If SAAB had been environmentally friendly (only) since 2012, I would stick a “good” reason for the brand’s demise to my own car. That is not how it works …

      Good joke. Laughed briefly once. But it's not a sticker, please.

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    The fact that the massive production of electrical boxes does not help the environment is probably difficult to convey to the general public with stickers on long-term cars such as SAAB automobiles.

    Here, the topic of electric vehicles and their development should be questioned more in all media, instead of coming primarily to the public with superficial advertising.

    If there is a sticker in this matter, then at most: Electric drive no thanks! Perhaps more thought-provoking.

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    Great ideas and catchy statements. But does it really have to be in English only?
    And if you absolutely have to, here is my modified favorite: "Why drive an E-car - I drive my SAAB".

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    You can see what comes out when advertising is subjected to a democratic discourse: Nevertheless, compliments to the community - the interaction is respectful and polite - just Saab drivers.
    Now I'll go one step further:
    Saab - everyday for the future
    Based on Friday for Future / everyone understands with education and the claim must first of all work in the group of the probably very intellectual Saab drivers.
    The task was to develop a Saab sustainability claim / a brand claim looks completely different.

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    After the - in my opinion, important discussion - I would also like to make a suggestion. I tried to build in a few things:

    SAAB - There is no Planet B


    SAAB: Old,
    But there is no Planet B.

    Or in German: SAAB: Old, but there is no planet B!

    Changes and adjustments are welcome.

    I think it's good when we jointly develop a slogan….
    Greeting André

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    Even if I act as a senior teacher, a reference to slogan #3 It must be “Why driving AN E-Car? mean.
    My favorite is anyway: "SAAB - Born From Jets. Build for Eternity”.

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    … using the name 'Greta' (probably meaning Thunberg) could possibly have legal consequences – I would avoid it.
    'SAAB - Born From Jets. Built for Eternity' or
    'SAAB - Born From Jets. Solid for Eternity'
    would be my favorites.
    Greetings to everyone.

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    I also thought of something:

    No new car, no CO2 - protect the climate, drive SAAB!
    No new car, no CO2 - protect climate, drive SAAB!
    No new car, no CO2 - (move your mind,) drive SAAB!

    (Possibly with the addition in brackets.) Of course, what is meant is the CO2 generated during production. Or, less radically:

    Fewer new Atos, less CO2 - protect the climate, drive SAAB!
    Less new cars, less CO2 - protect climate, drive Saab!

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    Then I like to add "Why Drive an e-Car."

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      nice catch

      Typographically but ugly and semantically unclear.
      Too many changes between small and capital letters. Hyphen and hyphen. A period at the end of a question that should be a claim that wants to put an exclamation point ...

      I think you shouldn't work your way through number 3. And No. 1 would not come to the SAAB either.
      There is a threat of two discussions that I do not want to have (anymore). Nobody should feel called (Why) to explain to me why I should give up my SAAB for an EV or that it would not be Greta's Choice. I don't feel like either anymore.

      The other five address the topic of sustainability and responsible behavior in a more harmless way - sometimes with a wink.

      But speaking of corrections, from the driver's point of view (6.) it should also be called "SAAB - Used to the Max". So it becomes their attitude and stance on consumption.
      Otherwise it would be a posthumous request from SAAB to its buyers ...

      • Maybe I missed something, but the aim was to create a SLOGAN that was roughly against the outside! states that it is sustainable to drive a Saab for a long time.
        And now there are a couple of CLAIMS that - let's say a Tesla driver - are completely incomprehensible. Yes, some even communicate the opposite, like no. 3, or then no. 5, we drive things until it is no longer possible! Why, think the E-disciples. Are they eternally yesterday who cannot come to terms with the end of the brand?
        And No. 1 without Greta's consent? The shot could backfire massively.
        Shouldn't the Tesla drivers understand that we drive Saab to save resources?

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          As I said, the selection is only a working basis. The comments show that the subject is difficult. Not every slogan makes it to the next round. Greta is funny, but outside for reasons already mentioned. The whole thing is not a combustion engine vs. electric car, but one for sustainability and against thoughtlessness in dealing with our resources.

          My favorite would be number 7. But does the saying also communicate what we want to say? And does someone understand that beyond Saab?

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            Dear Tom
            No. Unfortunately, no one understands number 7 either without the appropriate context.

            Which is amazingly understood.
            Saab. The most environmentally friendly car manufacturer since 2012.
            All of my colleagues immediately understood the joke.

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            The 7 is a modification made by the editorial team.
            Here is the original submitted:

            Beat the system. Keep a SAAB.

            With 6 words it is shorter than the 2 or 5. And you understand that too. To keep something is unequivocally against the throwaway and consumer society. There is no mistaking it ...

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              Thanks for the hint. You can no longer see the slogan for so many slogans. Is better in the original than the (presumed to be more catchy) revision.

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                And new ones are still coming.
                My sympathies. Even though …
                The community is alive and kicking. I should rather congratulate the blog.

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    As a frequent cyclist ... (of course 😉): SAAB - My Other Car Is A Bicycle.
    Really an impressive variety of ideas ...
    Good WE!

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    Hey there!

    After the ad “Born from Jets” for the 9-3 Cabriolet recently ran here in the blog and I drive a 9-3 Cabriolet, the thing is clear to me: SAAB – Born From Jets. Built For Eternity.

    Greetings from Bad Salzdetfurth

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      Sorry pissed off, should be a thumbs up.

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    Great thing!!! My favorites would be:
    1. SAAB - ZERO Greenwashing
    2. SAAB - Born From Jets. Build for Eternity
    3. SAAB - Beat the System
    I'm curious…. 😉

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      ZERO greenwashing is also my favorite

      Only two words, but they speak volumes. The Saab will continue to be used deliberately with full awareness of one's own actions and actions and on the basis of healthy skepticism. For me, this suggests the whole debate (transport, energy, sustainability, consumption and the environment) and a well-founded attitude.
      More reduction is not possible. This claim is the Saab Night Panel among the submissions.

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      Can Gebhard Ullrich please kindly explain what ZERO Greenwashing actually means and how the majority of people who see such a slogan stuck on a Saab should understand. I can speak English very well, but when I see it written like that, it doesn't mean anything to me. And probably nothing for those who speak less or no English at all.
      On the other hand, I am absolutely and 100% for SAAB - born from Jets, built for eternity.
      This statement is easy to understand.
      Born from Jets is a SAAB tradition, but actually has nothing to do with the envisaged sustainability and thus actually misses the target.
      SAAB - built for eternity would also work on its own.
      or then combine: SAAB - built for eternity beating the system

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    SAAB - Born From Jets. Build for Eternity is my favorite too

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    short wisecracking …. Nr3 must 'Why Driving An E-Car?' be called.
    my favorite is - SAAB - Born From Jets. Build for Eternity

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      Already fits. We modify / correct / optimize everything again before going to press.

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        At No.5 then “Built”

        • blank

          Now I had to see if I had misspelled the suggestion

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      The first correction is very correct, but Saaabantium misses the second "built", which has since been corrected.
      But I would be careful with No. 3 "SAAB - Why drive an E-car", because if you read the strategic goals of Daimler and Audi and probably also of VW and BMW soon, then the E-car - whether that's us Whether it fits or not - will shortly occupy such a dominant position in the market that very soon it will seem puny and ridiculous to stick a sticker with the slogan "SAAB - why drive an E-car" on your ancient or old Saab. And I really don't want to make a fool of myself with my great SAAB, quite the opposite.

      • blank

        There are already developments in alternative fuels. Then, with a small conversion kit, you can use a gasoline engine for years to come.
        That's why I think this slogan is perfect.
        I also have to honestly admit, before I buy an e-car and do even more damage to the environment, I prefer to drive my Saab to the bitter end.

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