Business at a record level and the construction of the Koenigsegg "Drömfabrik"

Luxury, innovation and eccentricity obviously sell well even in times of crisis. While some manufacturers are struggling with falling orders, business at Koenigsegg is still going well. New products are in the pipeline, incoming orders are at a record level. And the construction of the “Drömfabrik” in Ängelholm will open up completely new possibilities for the brand.

The new Koenigsegg Gemera
The new Koenigsegg Gemera

The corona pandemic has not been able to stop the upward trend of the sports car manufacturer. The numbers for 2020, which Koenigsegg Automotive AB has now published, are brilliant. Sales in the past fiscal year rose from 546 million Swedish kronor (SEK) to around 646 SEK (approx. € 64,4 million).

The reason for the strong increase was the incoming orders for the new Koenigsegg Gemera, the first GT from Ängelholm. The company's profits remained at around the previous year's level at SEK 35,5 million (approx. € 3,54 million). The Swedish manufacturer of super sports cars now employs around 500 people. 300 copies of the new Gemera are to be built, the largest number ever made by any of the brand's models.

The prospects for the future remain positive. Koenigsegg has acquired the shares in the "Meneko“Joint venture repurchased at advantageous value and is now the sole owner of the Gemera again.

A "Drömfabrik" for Koenigsegg

The construction of the new "Drömfabrik" (dream factory) in Ängelholm has started. With her, the brand is realizing a dream. A modern car factory with a floor space of 11.000 square meters is being built in the direct vicinity of the airfield in Ängelholm. In addition to production, it offers additional space for large events. An exhibition area, several offices and staff rooms are also integrated. At the same time, Koenigsegg Automotive AB is investing in the existing real estate and facilities in order to cope with further expansion.

If everything goes according to plan as before, the “Drömfabrik” should be completed in March 2023. Just in time for the start of the new Gemera.

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    I always enjoy reading from Koenigsegg and am happy about the nice development. It is gratifying that the Swedes have at least one functioning car brand, albeit for a very elite group of customers.

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      I agree. In contrast to the Evergrande - NEVS - China drama without end, Koenigsegg has a positive connotation. It's just great that these cars exist.

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