Saab 9-3 Sportbottle, table flags and the last Turbo cups

There is an update to our Aero X Shop and the things that are actually no longer for sale. There are the Saab table flags. We had secured a small contingent of flags a few weeks ago. Goods from the old days, originals from Saab. The flags were quickly sold out, we hadn't been able to find any supplies so far. The situation is now easing. We get more table flags delivered.

Saab flag - turbo cups and so on
Saab flag - turbo cups and so on

The Saab table flags are probably a bit older than the previous flags, not extendable and the design differs marginally. They will be in the shop in the coming week. Like that too Saab 9-3 sports bottle, of which we were promised another box. Unfortunately it was only half a box, then it's over for good. According to our supplier, there will definitely be no more supplies.

Also the Saab Turbo cups we are almost sold out. There are still 4 copies, then it's over here too. It looks better with our favorite cup, the Saab coffee cup. A little brave, and Christmas and the search for Saab gifts before our eyes, we have commissioned a little more. Fortunately, as we could see. Because 50% of the cups have already been sold, but there is still enough stock.

What's the news?

We are waiting for the Saab first aid bags that were announced for November. Under certain circumstances, something is very special to it. In the next few days I'll be on the way to secure more Saab treasures from the past for the Aero X Club members. It remains to be seen whether the campaign will be successful and deliver what it promises.

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    Did I miss the “Sportbottle”?
    Was already too late for the espresso cup: '(

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