Too Many Saab Artifacts - A Blog Move With Insights

Moving is exciting! You put what you have in boxes - and you are amazed. About things that you rediscover because you had long since forgotten them. You may also be surprised how much you own, because most of the time it's way too much. If you move from a spacious loft to a house that has fewer square meters, things get tight. Whereby close is relative. Because what looks manageable in a direct comparison of a loft to a wooden house is still much more than that Living space per capita in Deutschland.

Saab artifact
Saab artifact - I have too many of these

Still, it is not enough to accommodate everything that you would like to have with you. So much has accumulated over the years, especially when it comes to Saab, that it is simply too much. It's not about cars that are too many, but I don't have a big problem with that. I'm going to clean up the fleet in 2022, there are already plans.

No, it's about the Saab curiosities that are not normally found in any German living room. Or do you have a Saab dealer stele in your living room? Or illuminated Saab-Scania signs, which were tolerated there by the infinite tolerance of the best wife of all. However, it is not as if the acquiescence came to an abrupt end.

It is the reduced space that dictates what may or may not move

There are a number of options that can be tried out in such situations. Men can be stubborn when it comes to their cars and their hobby. What could be more natural than to insist on the things that have found a place in the loft for more than 10 years, and are thus practically legally available, and squeeze them into the new building. However, it's the esthete in me who doesn't like too crowded rooms, who doesn't want to play this card.

But when it comes to Saab, the ideas don't run out. Or?

The next option would also be convenient. Take all these things, dealer stele, neon advertising, plus the banners, flags and Saab counters and little things that have fallen into my hands and store them fully on pallets. Problem recognized - problem solved ingeniously. I would have enough storage space. As far as the possibilities are concerned, I move in a comfort zone.

But would that make sense? And what does it bring me?

In principle, these Saab relics would then be on pallets and on shelves ... locked away, unused. Definitely pointless. I'm not really a collector. Most things just happened to me, I almost never looked actively. And I don't like it when people hoard too many things. Because when it comes to rare items, they withhold them from other people. Who may have less space available and would be happy with just a few collectibles.

There are many Saab banners - these are just two examples
There are many Saab banners - these are just two examples

The Saab artifacts have to get to the fans

One of the insights that such a Saab move brings is that you sometimes have to part. Which in some cases will not be easy because you are giving away collectibles that you can never get again in your life. Because they are rare and because Saab just doesn't exist anymore. And because there is also heart and soul in it.

In the next few weeks I will put together what I have to hand in. It will be a lot and it will be interesting. What is certain is that I don’t want to earn anything from the collectibles. Which does not mean that there is something to be given away. The proceeds will go to a charitable institution in my hometown that is there for people who have little or nothing.

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    Nice that you want to pass it on to the Saab fans here and not just sell it off or throw it away and support a social project. Great !!
    I don't collect myself, but I'm happy for anyone who has the opportunity to get hold of a rare item!

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    Pause button

    That's an interesting definition for such a great action. Social commitment, opportunities for the community and a certain amount of relief on the part of the blogger - all of this is neatly conjured up under one roof ...

    Once again you can see how productive this key is ...
    We should press it more often. Blind actionism and hectic activities are no substitute for well-thought-out action ...

    That, too, is somehow typical Saab and resonates here again and again. Thanks for that too.

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    Good evening,

    Count me in. There's room in the smallest hut. And there is still some space here, especially wall space ...

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    Great idea and for a good cause! I think that's great.

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    I can already imagine that Tom has treasures in store. I'm curious what will be made public, moves are exciting.

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    I'm really excited about that, Tom.
    In general, detox because of the reduced living space, creates a very good feeling when done. I recently got behind me too.

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    The SAAB advertising materials are design icons and in a class of their own, I'm curious. 🙂

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