Swedish Super GT Koenigsegg Gemera comes to South Africa

If you think of Koenigsegg's sales markets, you will probably see the Middle and Far East and the USA in the first place. You certainly don't think of South Africa. But Koenigsegg has long been a global luxury brand from Sweden. The sports cars are in great demand all over the world, but it is surprising how many Gemera will take the route to the southernmost part of the continent.

Koenigsegg Gemera - Swedish "Super GT" for South Africa
Koenigsegg Gemera - Swedish "Super GT" for South Africa

Business relations with South Africa are still fresh. The Daytona (Pty) Ltd. official Koenigsegg importer. The company exclusively imports vehicles from Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Pagani and McLaren to the Cape and also has Lotus sports cars in its range.

Daytona is at home in the absolute luxury segment, which may be surprising. But South Africa is also a country of extreme contrasts, a lot of wealth meets great poverty, and probably always will be. With the Gemera, the Swedish “Super GT” will be arriving in the country from 2023, and the number of units allocated is high. At least if you look at it as a percentage. 300 Gemera is produced by the manufactory in Ängelholm, 11% of the amount, or 33 pieces, are promised in South Africa.

The price before transport and taxes should be € 1,6 million. Until the Gemera is with the customer, depending on the specification, one reckons with a price of around 50 million rand (2,86 million €) in South Africa. A delegation from Daytona will travel to Sweden over the next few months to tour the factory and agree on the final specifications for the GT.

If the Gemera, like every Koenigsegg product, is already beyond the reach of the majority of Europeans, it is even more so in South Africa. Of the Average earnings is only just over US $ 2021 per month in 1.600, and the trend is rising. A land of extreme contrasts, in which there is still space for 33 exclusive Swedish sports cars.

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    It's nice that Koenigsegg is successful, it's a shame that these are really only vehicles for the super-rich. In South Africa, with the greatest distance between rich and poor, there are at least rich people who can afford such a car.


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