Christmas gifts for Saab fans - some ideas

The times for Saab fans were harder. Christmas gifts were hard to find, there was almost nothing to buy. The situation has relaxed a bit, the selection is almost good for the Saab microcosm. I've put together some nice Christmas ideas for the fans. There should be something for everyone.

A sports suit under the Christmas tree?
A sports suit under the Christmas tree?

Saab models from DNA Collectibles

The Swiss provider has recognized the Saab gap and has been delighting us for several years with miniatures, most of which come on the market in a 1:18 scale. There are several in the shop for Christmas Saab models with price reduction, which are only limited in stock.

The is particularly recommended Saab 9-5 NG sportswear, which DNA has reissued in the color “Fjord Blue”. The amount is limited to 399 copies. The combination with a blue exterior color and beige interior makes the miniature look very classy. The risk that the recipient will not like this model car goes towards zero.

Ice blue headlights - typical of the last Saab
Ice blue headlights - typical of the last Saab

Saab 9-3 Viggen Pikes Peak from Griffin Models

The Saab 9-3 Viggen Pikes Peak from Griffin Models. The manufacturer is bringing 21 pieces of the model car in 1:43 scale onto the market. The price of € 259,00 is just as hand-picked as the number of pieces.

If you like it a little cheaper, but still individual, you can choose one of the many Model kits dodging Griffin Models. There is a large selection in 1:43 scale, but you have to have a little patience and enthusiasm for assembling small cars.

View of the detailed interior
View of the detailed interior

Saab Turbo mug from Skandix

Also exclusive is the Saab Turbo mug, which is already sold out in our Aero X Club Shop. Skandix still has 5 (!) cups in stock, which can be bought with a 360-day Aero X subscription. The last opportunity for everyone who did not get a chance in the action.

When it comes to parts for the classic Saab 900, wintertime is always screwdriver time, Skandix has new reproductions in stock. Rustproof ones are recommended Brake lines, which are available for the Saab 96 up to the 900, have become Door seals, inner fender and fender Relaunched for the 900 OG. So that the Saab classic can start the season fresh in spring 2022.

You can also find them in the shop Saab caps and "Saab Parking only“Signs.

Turbine rims on the Saab 9-5 NG SC
Turbine rims on the Saab 9-5 NG SC

Saab blog subscription as a gift

In the Aero X Club Shop there are things from the old days that you can no longer buy. The last broadcast with the Saab Sportbottle 9-3 has arrived, there will be no more supplies. Some Table flags have still found their way to us, and we have Saab coffee cups from the Classic Edition on offer.

Browsing in the shop is worthwhile, because the offer changes again and again.

In any case, it would be a good idea to give away a subscription to the Aero X Club. Coupons can also be purchased by non-members to whom the Aero X Club Shop is otherwise not open.

Was that it with the ideas? Not quite, I thought of other Christmas presents. You are on your way to the blog office, there will be a look-up in the next few days with further suggestions.

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