Booster vaccination - when the virus knocks on your door

It's the end of November. Once again I am sitting in the family doctor's office waiting. Opposite me two representatives of the vulnerable groups. Less than six months after the first vaccination, I got the booster today. I thought I would be back on the road in the summer Towards freedom. I was wrong. What is it like when Corona knocks on your front door?

Booster vaccination - proof
Booster vaccination - proof

The fourth wave

Everything is different. We survived waves one to three without damage. COVID-19 was present in the background, and theoretically everyone in the circle of friends or family knew someone who was infected. But that was the theory, far away. Now the virus is scratching the front door.

It has arrived in our neighborhood, and it is also present at my suppliers. In one of them, entire shifts have to be canceled because, despite the hygiene concept, all employees are infected. Delivery dates are shifting to infinity. Companies that have survived the crisis well so far are trembling for their future.

There is more trouble. A dear family friend has a lung condition. She is in the clinic, far away, and cannot breathe on her own. Visiting them is almost impossible. The clinic is building a fortress against the virus around its sensitive patients. At least she tries. Elaborate tests, planned and shortened visits are designed to protect vulnerable lives.

The fear that it is slowly creeping up. The fear of an opponent who is invisible and incalculable. And who takes advantage of our weaknesses.

The helplessness

The bad news doesn't get any less with the days. There is a first breakthrough in vaccination in the Freundeskreis. An infection, presumably caught at work by a colleague. A course that is not mild, but which will hopefully not lead directly to the hospital. We are trembling!

Who is to blame for escalating the situation like this? You can take it easy for yourself and hold politics liable. There are many good arguments for doing this, for example to talk about the failure of the state. But that would be very convenient. We don't want to make it that easy for ourselves.

German bureaucracy before the booster vaccination
German bureaucracy before the booster vaccination

The egoism

Unfortunately we live in a fully comprehensive society. The state, it seems to be our birthright, regulates the troublesome things. We ourselves sit in this fat, rich country in our comfort zone. We feel uncomfortably bothered when someone comes with the syringe and wants to vaccinate. An imposition that is directed against the integrity of the body and even more against our egoism.

We are sitting on millions of vaccination doses that are threatening to expire because the substance does not seem noble enough to us. We babble about civil rights as the number of corona deaths exceeds 100.000. And even this macabre figure is questioned and discussed. There are no limits. Truths are being reinvented and truths are being twisted.

The common sense

With a little more common sense, a view of the country, the neighbors, the old and sick fellow citizens, COVID-19 would not have become such a catastrophic topic. More people would have been vaccinated. You could scream out loud with anger. One could cry. Both at the same time.

There was this inaugural address by John F. Kennedy on January 20, 1961. This sentence was uttered that had its place on the wall in my office for years.

"Ask not what your country can do for you ..."

John F. Kennedy

Don't ask what the state can do for you. But do something yourself, take on responsibility and show a sense of community, keep an eye on the community. The sentence fell out of time. I guess I am too. Sometimes I feel like this. We need a John F. Kennedy again and people who do not see their own interests and the state's fully comprehensive insurance in the first place.

High vaccination rate, good life in Barcelona
High vaccination rate, good life in Barcelona

The freedom

My friend Lizi proves to me almost every day that there can be another way. I keep getting pictures from Barcelona on my cell phone. Life is free there, the restaurants are open and at a mild 20 degrees it is easy to endure in a tapas bar. With a view of the Saab and the sea.

Barcelona has a vaccination rate that is over 90%. Are the Catalans smarter than the Germans? The truth is that the previous waves swept the land with all severity. In contrast to Germany, the Spanish state does not wrap its citizens in cotton wool and does not pay the restaurants 90% of the turnover (not of the profit). Everyone has to see where they stay. The state only provides rudimentary support. If you don't have a family to support you, you have a problem.

The Spaniards have learned their lesson. Vaccination is the best weapon we have. And that is used. In addition, the Spanish state knows how to enforce its orders. Entry is strictly controlled, in Germany this usually happens in theory or when television teams report.

The booster vaccination

Because the virus is knocking on my doorstep, I arrange the booster vaccination with my family doctor. The appointment will be timely, I just have to wait a week. Biontech to Johnson & Johnson in the summer. In the middle of the waiting time comes Cakofonie from Berlin. The incumbent health minister on call wants to shorten the Biontech delivery, while the number of infected people in the country is going through the roof. It's hard to believe.

The booster vaccination itself is quick. My GP's appointments are perfectly timed, and the waiting area is never too full. A stab, that was it. Again in six months. Maybe. That is not certain, the empirical values ​​are missing, the pandemic is not yet 2 years old.

Covid certificate after the booster vaccination
Covid certificate after the booster vaccination

The vulnerable groups

Two representatives of the vulnerable groups sit in the waiting area. A description that I don't like. It sounds so neutral and cold. In truth, it is grandpa and grandma, the very old, who are particularly at risk. But that is a reasonable truth that would be burdensome. Because who would want to see grandpa or grandma in the cemetery because they refused to be vaccinated?

Vulnerable groups, then. That is less likely to sell to the public.

The two old men across from me are very old, over 80. Neither are high-end pensioners who you see fit and wiry in the media. None who have worked in the office or on the board of directors and who go on cruises in old age.

Two veterans who have worked hard for 50 years in production or construction. The clothes of the two are clean but simple. Seniors who indulge themselves little. Presumably they save a little from the pension every month for the children or grandchildren whom he should better have.

The two are among the people who built our country after the war and who have enough to do with themselves beyond the pandemic. You are poor on foot, breathing is a challenge even without the virus. One needs minutes until the mask is finally in place. Not precise, but it is the will that counts.

Breathing becomes even more difficult, with trembling hands he leafed through his vaccination certificate. The two would not survive an infection. You would be two more dead in the statistics, at the same time two additional truths that could be twisted.

Because everyone beyond the pandemic is dragging a list of additional diseases through life.

The side effects

Before the booster vaccination comes the bureaucracy. Germany manages what needs to be managed. And also that which cannot be managed. We are still the best in the world, we are relegated to everything else. An anamnesis sheet, pages of information on risks and side effects. Both have to be countersigned, twice, of course. The doctor is delighted, as is her patient.

The side effects are actually hardly noticeable. The upper arm hurts a bit, I feel like I'm on the move with the handbrake on for a few hours. Nothing more happened, although I was prepared for complications.

The personal responsibility

My friends and family also get the booster vaccination. The dates have already been agreed. Acquaintances who wanted to wait before changed their minds. They also go to the booster vaccination. That gives hope. Because the virus uses our selfishness and our vanities. It is constantly looking for new hosts, mutating, and it does not even think for a second of playing by our rules of wellbeing.

We won't get a second John F. Kennedy to boldly write the truths on the wall. This kind of politician is historical, it is not coming back. And maybe we just learn in a brutal way to take responsibility again and develop initiative. We were once strong in that, too, and that's where we have to go back. A learning process, accompanied by drama and death.

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    I'm late, moin together,
    I had already written a long message and deleted it. Why? Too much detail in relation to C development and treatment and too many bad experiences in the environment with a point of view that does not correspond to what is up and down to be heard, seen or read. Thanks Tom for the very skillful and good dedication to the topic. My opinion about it:
    In relation to science and communication, reports are far too one-sided and opinion and mood are produced! Instead of reason one relies on fear and panic, divides society and after realizing that the vaccination does not keep what the politicians have promised to rely on even more fear and coercion and accuses taxpayers of the current situation. Hardly anyone talks about the dismantling of hospital beds and intensive care beds by setting false incentives in the billing system; this was described very aptly above. Yesterday's heroes (original quote from politics last year) will become monsters this year because they are skeptical about the lack of approval of the I substances, the record high side effects and deaths (conspicuously young athletes, unknown number), and maybe also because vaccinations with a free burger at the golden M are available with one hundred percent full risk advice. And the manufacturers of the syringe do not accept any liability for consequential damage ?! I would be happy if we -> would take over more from the motherland of our favorite companion, keep an eye on the democratic values ​​of our society and not write things like unvaccinated unwanted in any shop window. We need to be together and mindful instead of fear and division. I run an integrative medicine practice in Canada, am well networked in the medical landscape and of course I am also vaccinated. I think that vaccination in general is a great medical achievement, apart from the flue shot. Why did I write all this? Because I ask you to be careful, not to judge too quickly, to think that an IV syringe can no longer be reversed, and because I think that we should remind our politicians that the mandate does not include society to panic and or to split. Boosters? With a substance that has already lost its effectiveness? That doesn't make it any easier for me. But the decision will soon be taken from us, then there will be a half-yearly bonus, for everyone, forever ?!
    I wish everyone a nice pre-Christmas time, thank Tom for the many good contributions this year and would like to remain a SAAB enthusiast.
    Your ERIK900

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      Well said late

      One of the victims of the pandemic is the social climate. The political game with division is dangerous.
      We haven't vaccinated for too long and still not everyone. Up until 6 months ago it was still elderly, pre-ill and occupational risk groups. We had a discussion about vaccination precursors ...

      In the course of the hysteria, there are only a few weeks, days between a pre-emptor and the suspicion of vaccination skepticism and refusal ...

      Many of the 12 to 18 year olds are simply not vaccinated today because they got caught shortly before they were even allowed to be vaccinated. As a convalescent, they have to and should wait 6 months. My oldest is one of them. And we don't even vaccinate children under 12.

      Nevertheless, we have a vaccination rate of 70% based on the total population. If children under 12, convalescents and other people who are not able to be vaccinated are excluded, the vaccination rate for the part of the population who can be vaccinated should be approx. 85% ...

      And not every unvaccinated person is fundamentally vaccine skeptic, vaccination refusal or even conspiracy theorist. Some pregnant women want to give birth to their child first. Some athletes vaccinate according to the training plan and the season, and do not want to risk anything in phases of high stress (such as an inflammation of the heart muscle).

      I value the willingness to vaccinate as high. The vaccination rate achieved within a short time under the above conditions, with new and unknown vaccines, some of which are poorly effective, is not that bad.

      The debate about “notorious” holdouts is premature, hissterical, counterproductive. Many (still) unvaccinated people are placed in a completely wrong corner.

      I got vaccinated as early as I could without having to queue. It was just 8 months ago that my digital Cov-Pass switched to “green” 1 weeks after the 14st and 2 days after the 3,5nd infusion. We already had a discussion about vaccination refusers. If the mark isn't hysterical...

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    Thanks for this great text!

    The "Vulnerable Groups" ... I too don't like the description for the reasons mentioned.
    In the example mentioned, it is grandma and grandpa, which also applies to our family. Grandma is currently not allowed to be boosted due to chemotherapy ...

    But children are also vulnerable.
    Immunodeficiency due to Down syndrome, patched heart, pre-stressed lungs ... 7 years old.
    A year and a half with only summer interruptions in lockdown until a doctor at the other end of the republic took pity on the offline vaccination.
    Children like my son don't have a lobby. At most, these children appear in the statistics as "previously ill", with the aim of taking other parents' care off. Otherwise these children are invisible and so are the affected siblings and parents. Families like ours are called shadow families and we learn an incredible amount about our society in the pandemic.

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    The downside of the medal

    Vaccinations & boosters are important. But we hardly talk about other measures anymore. They are unpopular and we are tired of them. It is becoming more and more difficult to politically enforce it and has recently led to riots in Europe.

    In Germany, the debate then narrowed down completely to vaccinations and boosters, and a “radical” and “completely irresponsible” minority in the unvaccinated was chosen as the supposed cause of the fact that we are not back to normal.

    This is wrong and fatal in several ways.

    It is wrong, among other things, because we cannot vaccinate everyone under the age of 12 without a vaccine. In this age group we have 1000s incidences. Wrong, because with our current vaccines we could not achieve herd immunity even with a vaccination rate of 100% of the total population. The protective effect is too low, the number of vaccination breakthroughs is far too high.

    It is fatal because in this narrowing of our view we prefer to slander the unvaccinated, the “guilty” than worry about protecting the innocent.
    It was only two or three weeks ago that politicians wanted to abolish free corona tests with the argument of vaccination. Madness considering the situation.
    It is fatal if we - to put it bluntly - develop a tendency to pillory an unvaccinated and pregnant woman rather than demanding concepts from politicians to protect her. Or the protection of children under 12 ...

    This mood within this debate is very, very comfortable for those responsible and they tend to be frugal. Two or three days ago, within a few hours, I heard the Berlin Mayor, the Federal President, the Health Minister and the Berlin Health Senator. All four of them could think of nothing better than to blame the unvaccinated for the 4th wave.
    That is definitely not enough for me and it is factually wrong.
    I had Biontec twice. This gives you a protection of approx. 4% 47 months after the vaccination. It doesn't take long to realize that we currently cannot achieve herd immunity (80% protection for 100% of the population) ...

    In this respect, it is also cheap if politicians ascribe the 4th wave and its violence only to those who are unwilling to vaccinate.
    We should all vaccinate & boost, we should all make our contribution - but in the awareness that it is not enough and in the awareness that politics does too little if their anti-corona strategy is limited to vaccination.

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    Yeah ... how much boost does the boost actually have? And did you warm up your body well beforehand and then cool it down again before the booster? Not that the components of the system die prematurely because there is a lack of lubrication (or afterwards there is increased coking in the lubrication circuit ...).

    I look forward to a country in which we can speak without blanket judgments and generic terms for supposedly selected groups (how is such a “corona denier” even defined – and isn’t it just as absurd to deny a virus as to claim that one can defeat him - godlike? - together completely? Why are people considered "opponents" and "refusers" only if they are not for something themselves - is the one "cigarette opponents" who does not smoke, and "concert refusers" only because he prefer to listen to music at home?) and live without selected scapegoats and culprits (we've seen that before - I recommend being careful).
    I understand the frustration. I understand the misunderstanding.
    The people who deal critically with the measures are not the ones who are responsible for them - on the contrary: they are mainly committed to finding a more humane and responsible way of dealing with them. Or do you / do you find it good to live in a togetherness that is based on mistrust and coercion? Is this what your society looks like in which you / you wish / wish to live? Not mine.
    My society is based on trust, openness, harmony, respect. Aspects for this are the decision-making via the consensus, a judgment-free interaction with one another, the inclusion of gut instinct and heart and the equal listening to all who want to participate.

    These days I found the words of Uwe Scheeler, the mayor of Neuhaus am Rennweg, very much calling for us to pause and stay calmly together. I would like to share them here:

    “Dear residents –

    in the city and in all districts!

    Dear entrepreneurs and traders!

    Dear guests!

    Since I took office in 2018, my motto has been:

    "Together! – And not everyone for himself!”

    I would like to thank everyone who read or have read these lines for their attention, for their many positive feedbacks, but also for their critical comments.

    I am happy to return my greetings and wishes to all of you.

    Very often these days one hears the question of guilt or the accusation of guilt.

    To blame for the presence of the corona virus, to blame for the fact that it is still not gone, to blame for the high number of infections, to blame for the hospitals and intensive care units to fill up, to blame for the unsatisfactory effect of the vaccinations, to blame for the lack of enough vaccine , To blame for the overload of general practitioners ...

    I guess it's not a question of guilt. As is well known, only courts in Germany can clarify whether someone is guilty or not.

    Rather, it is a question of unfulfilled promises and unfulfilled or disappointed expectations.

    At all levels - from federal and state to rural districts to municipalities, in companies, in families and among friends - people are waiting and hoping that the corona virus will finally disappear from the scene and that we will all get our previous life back, if we only do this or that, do not do this or that ... Or that someone comes by and does it for us ...

    In many places, these expectations and hopes were nurtured and supported by promises. Promises that shouldn't have been made. Promises that simply couldn't be kept.

    People attack each other at work or in their private lives, accusing each other of being to blame for something. Infections and quarantine measures, facility closings, postponed operations - the list could be continued indefinitely.

    The extent of disappointment and anger, often also of powerlessness or inability to act, but sometimes also of fear, can currently also be experienced and felt on all levels.

    Politics and the media are still pushing the whole thing, actionism and panic situations are the result.

    No wonder: the whole world is affected, no one was prepared for something like this and so far no one in the world has found a magic bullet - not even after two years.

    I admit: I don't have a master plan either.

    I can't promise anything, I can't promise anything.

    I don't oblige anyone to do anything, I don't recommend anything to anyone.

    Because I just don't know.

    I just advise anyone who doesn't know to stick to it as I do and just admit that they have no solution to offer.

    As long as nobody has the so-called savior, one should absolutely hold back with accusations of guilt at all levels. They don't solve the disaster, they just shift responsibility and make you blind.

    I advise everyone at all levels to deal with accusations, insults and orders with moderation, you should still be able to look each other in the eye in the future, despite all differences of opinion. It is essential to maintain the proportionality of the funds.

    In such situations, nobody is more right than the other.

    Otherwise hatred and agitation destroy our already damaged social fabric and our inner peace in the country, and also in our communities and in our families.

    Even the statement that a district and thus the people living in it are a hotspot, is already a form of discrimination. If the whole country is “a single outbreak” (Lothar Wieler, RKI), then the Sonnebergers are no more or less “careless” than the residents of other rural districts. The corona virus knows no county or country borders.

    We have to stop excluding and demarcating, we all have to get through it together. We have to bundle strengths, knowledge and experience.

    As long as there is no 100% antidote, we have to invest in research, increase the capacities of hospitals and strengthen and support general practitioners.

    So that everyone - and I mean everyone - can be helped who get sick and need medical help. No matter if vaccinated or unvaccinated, no matter if unfortunately corona, unfortunately heart attack or unfortunately broken leg.

    The so-called triages are not necessary because of the vaccinated or unvaccinated.

    Our healthcare system has already come down so far that victims of major natural disasters or the corona pandemic have to worry about whether they will be hospitalized or not.

    First of all, we must stop encouraging the dismantling of hospital beds.

    You don't believe that? Indeed it is. When hospital beds are reduced, funding is available from the hospital structure fund.

    The regulation states:

    “In addition, the dismantling of beds fixed by hospital planning is now subsidized according to the number of reductions. Based on a de minimis limit of up to 10 beds, the subsidies are as follows:

    11 bis 30 Betten: 4.500 € je Bett

    31 bis 60 Betten: 6.000 € je Bett

    61 bis 90 Betten: 8.500 € je Bett

    Mehr als 90 Betten: 12.000 € je Bett“

    In many areas of the healthcare sector, things are only business-oriented and entrepreneurial. Hospitals have to "pay off".

    I think this is the real emergency and we created it ourselves in our country. This is also understandable right on our doorstep in Neuhaus am Rennweg.

    Let's stop asking the question of guilt together. Let's not exclude anyone because they don't do something the way we do it ourselves.

    Let's just take note that the other may have valid reasons as well. Let us consider that the other may also be right.

    Let's just respect our Basic Law:

    The dignity of man is inviolable.

    Everyone has the right to life and physical integrity. The freedom of a person is inviolable.

    All are equal before the law.

    Let us especially practice tolerance and have understanding for our fellow human beings,

    especially for our children.

    This would lay a good foundation for our coexistence.

    Your mayor

    Uwe Scheler”

    And now everyone goes their own way, without putting it over another as the only right one possible.
    Or how about the SAAB driver as the one who treads unconventional paths and is 'above things' in his own way?

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      Good mayor

      In the course of this pandemic, we are all learning every second. It poisons the learning climate and hinders learning progress when we fellow students tear each other apart every second on the basis of the latest state of supposed knowledge and concentrate on assigning blame instead of focusing on the next knowledge.

      A really good and legitimate objection, contributing to the debate ...

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    Hi Tom,

    thank you for this clear and factual article.

    Your opinion speaks to me from the bottom of my heart and from the comments of the other readers I see that at least the Saab community has not lost sight of the topic of solidarity.
    That makes me a little happier to drive one (two in summer) Saab (s)!

    There will be a boost next week and I am ready to live for a day or two with the handbrake on. Especially when it might help to spare someone from the "vulnerable group" the fate of a corona infection.


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    A second JFK would probably be of no use either. It's not that no one is telling the truth, but few want to hear you.
    For example, if I were Karl Lauterbach, I wouldn't have said anything for a long time, nobody seems to thank him. Now you can of course say who is Lauterbach, but even when the guy with the orange hair recommended his followers to get vaccinated in the summer, he was booed.

    So the problem seems to be the message rather than the ambassador. One can assume that those who shout the loudest are in the minority, otherwise they would be the silent majority.
    We will all likely have our encounters with the 'new' reality and continued vaccination looks like the best way to survive this to me.

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    Hey Tom,
    With this article you have outdone yourself once again - factual, well-founded, calm. Excellent and very beneficial. Keep it up!!

    I picked up my poster today and I absolutely agree with you.
    Greetings to all

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      ... booster ... (sorry)

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    Hello Tom,
    Your remarks especially on the current situation with us, the mentality of some
    People and personal responsibility for themselves and for others, I can 100% subscribe.
    Seldom read such a clear and precise opinion on this subject with a convincing one
    Formulation art. Unfortunately, your comment will probably not be read by the Covid deniers and they will not be convinced either. One can only hope that these relatives
    who speak to your conscience before they block the intensive care units or the
    Cemetery chapels.

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    Thank you, Tom, for your words, every single one of which I can sign. I have also brought my booster appointment forward and will get it next Monday. Originally wanted to wait for the 6 months after the second vaccination so as not to take away anyone's vaccine in the meantime, but since the proportion of those who do not understand is extremely high here in Austria, and we will be far away from an immunization rate that will continue for at least months at least would allow a safer everyday life, I have also decided to bring the appointment forward.

    Fortunately, the test system in Vienna and the handling of vaccinations work great, in contrast to almost all other federal states and in contrast to the disastrous (re) action of the federal government and almost all federal state governments, stricter rules were introduced here in the summer, which have been in place for weeks Pay, which, however, does not mean that we are spared the fourth hard lockdown, with massive economic damage - and in some industries such as clothing retail, which is now destroying business for the third season in a row, that will mean the final end for many companies.

    Stay healthy - and if you are still not vaccinated, please reconsider your position - for the sake of yourself, your loved ones, friends and colleagues, and society as a whole.

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    Hi Tom,
    You write to me 100% from the heart, thank you!
    Has already been "boosted", the following minor ailments are not worth mentioning.
    Take care!

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    In these times in particular, I think it's important to take a stand. Even if it's not always easy. Thanks Tom!

  • blank

    Thank you Tom for such clear and correct words. I fully agree with you! It is simply not understandable with common sense if there are still people who deny Corona or try to deny the seriousness of the situation with stupid and inappropriate comments. Unfortunately, these people exist in all strata of the population. I was pleased that the readers of our saabblog take a positive stand. Unfortunately, this is not the case everywhere.
    I will also get my 3rd vaccination on Thursday and I am happy about it. In my circle of acquaintances, a 53-year-old died of Corona, without any previous illness!
    Hope you all stay healthy.
    Thanks again Tom for the clear words.

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      Thank you Wolfgang (and everyone else).

      Originally, the contribution should be behind the paywall. But after I happened to land at Anne Will's yesterday evening, and with horror the arguments put forward there by two politicians (correct: politicians: inside) had to hear, I decided to go. Showing one's opinion is more essential than ever, and I am pleased that the readers see the situation in the same way.

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    If we want to control the virus, EVERYONE has to get vaccinated. When people travel long distances, they get vaccines, which can have really severe side effects. Since there are no anti-vaccination opponents, everyone wants that and sometimes they pay heavy contributions for it.
    The corona vaccination is firstly free of charge and more importantly, it does not help you but also others
    So to all of us !!!

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    Thank you very much!
    My booster was last Saturday, for the first time with mRNA.
    The effect was similar to the first Astra vaccination ... the following day a little bit of temperature and fatigue.
    But I think you can take that into account.

    • blank

      ... that's exactly how I can report it.
      However, "only" slight fatigue, the applied handbrake is a good picture of it ;-).
      So: all readers continue to have stable health!
      Please continue to observe the AHA rules. Simple, effective, independent.

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    Dear Tom,
    you took the words out of my mouth!
    Thank you!
    Lg from Vienna

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    Reasons not to boost

    … there is not any. Thanks Tom. By the way, you don't have to be picky about the vaccine. On the contrary, it becomes abundantly clear that the protective effect is higher, the more vaccines we have combined for vaccination and boosters.

    This is important and a real opportunity. Those who take the same vaccine three times have up to 20% less protection. Herd immunity would be completely illusory even with a vaccination rate of 100%.

    Let's all mix it up and boost it. On its own, it will not be quite enough, but the boosters and a vaccine mix are very valuable steps that significantly increase the personal protection and the protection of the herd ...

    • blank

      That "mixed" vaccines are supposed to be significantly more effective when vaccinating a person is a claim that is often made in the press and then wiped off the table as unproven. I can't judge that, but based on all the information available to me, it's not as clear as the comment above suggests. Just as little as it is clear that Moderna is said to be even better than BionTech, which the incompetent health minister would like us to believe.
      Also: Should I have canceled my appointment with the family doctor, where I got BionTech two weeks ago for the third time, and have gone in search of Moderna? My second vaccination was more than six months ago, so you take what you can get, my family doctor didn't have Moderna. I'm glad to live in one of the few countries in the world where you can get vaccinated without any problems. I couldn't choose the fact that it was BionTech three times (the first two times in the vaccination center, also super organized there), I took whatever was being vaccinated. And I think that's right, instead of waiting for the luxury of being able to "mix". Everything worked out great, perfectly organized, just like in the vaccination center, and I just managed to answer the few questions with a cross. It would do us all good to complain less and blame others, but to live more community spirit. Tom is absolutely right.

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        We both mean the same thing, I think ...

        I didn't want to encourage being picky about the vaccine. But on the contrary. Quote: "By the way, you don't have to be picky about the vaccine."

        I think every vaccine approved in D has its justification at every point in the chain and, regardless of the combination or monotony administered, is a good first, second or third link ...

        With my comment, I did not want to create any pressure on the mix, but rather to reduce fears of a mix - entirely in your spirit that every vaccination and every booster is better than an omission.

        I hope we can agree on that.

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          Yes, we are - full agreement! 🙂

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    You are right, Tom. Well written. Can also be said for many other countries.

  • blank

    Thank you!

  • blank

    Hey Tom
    You write to me from the heart.
    Even if Saab is only a marginal topic here, it has to be said ...
    Greeting André

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