We're opening the treasure chest - Saab XMAS Sale on December 04.12th!

We open our treasure chest! The Saab XMAS Sale starts on Saturday in our Aero X Club Shop. Of course we have very special things for the club members once again. Above all, Saab model cars, which have been out of stock at the manufacturer for ages, go online. They come from our Saab treasure chest, were unpacked once for photo purposes and then disappeared again on the shelves. But that's not all! Treasures from the old Saab era also go online.

Saab Xmas sale

In 10 Saab years, a lot has accumulated in our Saab treasure chest. It's time to make room on the shelves, because new things are always coming. Perhaps a reader is interested in model cars that have long been out of print. Maybe there is a model among them that he has been looking for for a long time? Usually only one copy of the respective model is in stock, but as a surprise we also have new items from DNA Collectibles in the shop at a special price for the Aero X Club.

Saab pin
Saab pin

Rare Saab literature from 2011, but not only, in German you will also find. Exciting things from the good old Saab times can also be discovered at the definitely last action of this year. All products are limited, there is no replenishment.

The Saab XMAS sale goes on Saturday at 10.00:XNUMX a.m. in our Aero X Club Store on-line. Anyone who has a valid Aero X or Turbo Plus subscription can go on a saaby shopping spree. We enclose an original Saab pin as a surprise with every order as a small thank you for a year together with Saab and the blog.

5 thoughts on "We're opening the treasure chest - Saab XMAS Sale on December 04.12th!"

  • Oh man, I'm late
    After 9,5 hours my possible purchases are already gone….
    But great action.
    Next time I'll set myself an alarm clock
    Greeting André

  • I'm looking forward to the treasure chest! Do you have an Aero X?

    • There will be that too!

  • Unfortunately you don't see any 900s on your blog, spec. Convertible!

    • What I can promise: In 2022 the 900 OG and also the Cabriolet will play a bigger role in the Saab Heritage Archive!

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