Colorful and brave - Saab 900 Turbo 16 Airflow from DNA

DNA Collectibles is daring the Saab 900 Turbo, the design icon from Trollhättan. The Swiss do it differently than one would expect. Fans of black turbos, the standard color at every Saab meeting, may swallow. Because, the color was forgotten. Instead, eucalyptus green, bronze, red and odoardo gray rule. Colorful and brave - a trip to 1993. And it is already clear which Saab 900 Turbo 16 Airflow could land on my desk.

Saab 900 DNA in Odoardo Gray
Saab 900 DNA in Odoardo Gray

Saab 900 Turbo 16 Airflow

The Airflow Kit was the ultimate upgrade for the Saab 900 Turbo 16. I only knew a few 900 that were completely upgraded with it at the time. Maybe it was too expensive, too flashy. Another object of desire were the 16 ″ rims that Saab sold for a lot of money. The largest rim dimension for which the factory gave its blessing. Back then, almost 30 years ago.

Saab 900 DNA in eucalyptus green
Saab 900 DNA in eucalyptus green

The first pictures show the pre-series of the miniature in 1:18 scale, which is to be delivered in the 3rd quarter of 2022. They are very promising and present a 900 Turbo 16 in full regalia, including a large rear spoiler and the air vents that are attached to the C-pillar. Stingy with pictures of the interior DNA Collectibles still, but beyond the eucalyptus-green variant, all other models seem to be coming onto the market with a gray-black interior.

Saab 900 DNA in bronze
Saab 900 DNA in bronze

Colorful and brave

It is brave to forego the common color black on the one hand and to offer 4 color variants on the other. That could overwhelm the group of collectors, who are naturally limited. It is also interesting to see how DNA distributes the circulation. The color eucalyptus green is planned with 499 pieces, the highest number. Back when the 900 rolled off the production line, the color was very popular.

Is it still today?

The Saab 900 Turbo 16 Airflow in red is manufactured in 399 units, Odoardo gray and bronze are limited to 249 model cars. These two color variants would be my tip for model car collectors. The smaller the circulation, the higher the long-term collection value.

Saab 900 DNA in red
Saab 900 DNA in red

The Pre-order phase is open, prices have risen as announced by DNA Collectibles. You now have to pay around € 160,00 for a miniature. That too is brave. This mutates the miniatures into objects for lovers with a certain exclusivity. But driving a Saab was also an exclusive pleasure at all times.

6 thoughts on "Colorful and brave - Saab 900 Turbo 16 Airflow from DNA"

  • pimped?

    A hot role model and beautiful model.
    Personally, I like it best in Odoardo gray or red ...

    But it seems to me that it is a little different from the original, higher above the rear axle? I even like that, but is it also historically correct?

    Pay attention to it. I remember that this 900 was perfectly balanced above its axles (when it was not loaded or overloaded, not accelerating).
    Other models from other brands even had a tendency to hang a little lower at the back. At the time, the designers believed that a car with this inclination would look more dynamic. The load change of an acceleration was already anticipated optically while standing / at constant speed ...

    The fact that vehicles are higher at the rear and still or even because of this are perceived as dynamic is a development that is younger than this 900. The aerodynamically “dynamic wedge” and with it smaller rear windows and high rear edges did not come until the next generation of vehicles. Until then, cars that were lower at the front than at the rear were perceived as being “braked”. Which was actually logical in terms of the load change ...

    Blablabla and whatever, I like that line - historically correct or not. My Volvo 164 therefore has "inflatable" shock absorbers (a level lift) on the rear axle. I can't do anything with hanging stern. 30 years ago I couldn't or didn't want to, no matter what the designers had in mind ...

    This 900 is very tight, but I think it looks outrageously good.

  • I don't care if the color existed in 1993 or not. What I like is ordered. The historical reference is secondary to me with the model car. I am much more pleased that a manufacturer cares about our brand at all.

  • The colors are already wild. I have to make a decision, there is no longer too much space in the collection. What bothers me are the ever higher editions. Given the not cheap prices, a reduction in the amount would be gratifying

  • Great models! I would opt for green if it weren't for a considerable lack of space in the office.

    • Bronze and the eucalyptus look hideous. Such paintwork has never existed in reality,
      the odardo gray, on the other hand, does. In 1989 I had to decide which color to use for my 900
      Convertible should take. Black was already very strong back then, but I chose Beryl Green Metallic and I still like it today. Not fir trees (that came later) and not even for eucalyptus.

      • All paintwork offered by DNA-Collectibles for the 900 Airflow was original and in reality - the red (cherry red, later also Talladega red), the Odoardogra metallic (in various shades over the years from its introduction in the mid-80s), the eucalyptus green metallic ( from the beginning of the '90s) and bronze metallic (often referred to as gold; introduced in the second half of the' 80s). The airflow kit could be ordered for all colors from the accessories program and painted accordingly.

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