The Saab added value newsletter 2.0

Attentive readers will already have noticed. We have changed something in our newsletter, which informs about new articles. Subscribers to our free offer get real, up-to-date added value. In addition to the notification of a new interesting article on the subscribed topic on the blog, there have been even more Saab to discover for a few days.

Saab Newsletter 2.0

Saab added value newsletter 2.0

Because the Saab world does not only consist of the blog alone. There is exciting news in other media, from dealers and suppliers. Or old Saab films and current literature that we like and that we want to share with readers. Whenever we find something new that we think is good and interesting, but does not provide material for a longer article, it gets a place in the newsletter.

In the last few days we have pointed out the various Saab calendar offers for 2022, there was news to discover at Saab spare parts supplier Skandix. For the fans we are delivering an improved basic offer for the daily Saab enthusiasm, which is also free of charge.

It is important to us that all contacts are saved on our own server. It is located in Germany, the data does not go around the world and only we have access to it. We exclude abuse, spam and unsolicited advertising.

The added value newsletter will change slightly again at the end of the year, when new, even more powerful software will be launched. In terms of content, however, nothing changes. As before, it remains with our current blog posts and additional daily information from the Saab world.

Would you like to receive the Saab Newsletter 2.0, and not yet entered the mailing list? Register for our service here, you only need a valid email address. The offer is free, the newsletter can be canceled at any time.

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7 thoughts on "The Saab added value newsletter 2.0"

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    I kept asking myself, why is there a newsletter when the block already exists ?! Now I know 🙂 and whoosh registered!

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    Although I've been registered for all topics in the newsletter for a long time, the information about Saab calendar offers for 2022 and news at Skandix passed me by, unfortunately. (For example, I was hoping for the annual Nikolausi campaign at Skandix, but unfortunately it didn't happen this year.) What did I tick incorrectly or not so that I didn't get this information? How do I get it now? Calendar and Skandix campaigns would be of great interest to me. Thanks for the quick info! 🙂

    • blank

      We only back up the newsletter texts from the last few days. Unfortunately, I can no longer help with the calendars.

      • blank

        It's a shame, but thanks! How do I get it in the future? I have subscribed to all topics, then it should actually be there. Well, it will probably be like that in the future.

        • blank

          The newsletter comes with the current article plus (please read on) additional information in the further text.

          • blank

            Thanks, now I've finally got it - what a long line! 🙁 I could still read about the calendars, but luckily I hadn't deleted the emails yet. Otherwise I just keep clicking the link. Thanks for the hint! 🙂

  • blank

    ... well I hadn't done it yet, ... but now subscribed!

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