150 new Saab newsletter subscribers in 24 hours

Our newsletter added value idea is well received. This Tuesday we posted the advanced Newsletter concept before, with great success. A little more than 24 new subscribers to our free offer came within 150 hours. In the days that followed, other readers ordered the newsletter. We are pleased and speaks for Saab and the blog project.

150 newsletter subscribers in 24 hours
150 newsletter subscribers in 24 hours

In order to keep the newsletter 2.0 interesting, there is more (Saab) to discover in addition to the latest news. Because, can you ever have enough of Saab?

As a bonus, we unlocked a film in the Saab video archive for all fans over the entire weekend. Usually the archive is exclusively available to our subscribers, there is a Saab film for everyone over the weekend. The notice came (or is coming) with the newsletter this evening.

Is it normal for big interests? Probably not, because on Sunday it will be 10 years since the gates were closed in Trollhättan. A topic that will be with us in the coming days. We look at it from different perspectives.

Saab is out of the world, actually. In truth, the brand is still alive, even if the circle of fans is not the largest. But, and that's exciting, people keep coming back to find Saab somehow good and interesting. This year there were 5 new registrations for every newsletter cancellation before the presentation of the added value concept. The relationship is currently much more positive.

I say thank you to all new subscribers to the free newsletter. The fact that there were also new subscribers this week for our paid subscription model, which finances the blog project, makes the week even more positive from the Saab blog point of view.


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4 thoughts on "150 new Saab newsletter subscribers in 24 hours"

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    This commitment at this level ...

    The constant self-analysis, the development, modernization and expansion of offers. The blog is getting more and more attractive every month!

    It's unbelievable but true.

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    Tom, congratulations. This shows that quality is still valued. I admire your enthusiasm over the years. So it is more than justified that you hang a special 150 success Christmas ball in the (if necessary imaginary) Christmas tree this year.
    Oh yes, a 1-click subscription renewal is what I am missing. I don't want to be without a turbo in January.
    Greetings TomL

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    Bonsoir à Tous, depuis un moment subscription à la Newletter, je désespérais de ne pouvoir traduire qu'en passant chaque paragraphe par un site traducteur. Evidemment, ce n'était pas très pratique, mais pas le choix, car même si j'ai étudié la langue allemande, j'ai presque tout oublié depuis 60 ans… Et en changeant de navigateur, je m'aperçois que j'ai accès à la langue française. Donc je souhaiterais maintenant connaître les modalités d'inscription pour être subscription au Club. Je suis Saabiste depuis 40 ans. Ma première 9000 Turbo de 1985 vit toujours, même si je viens de la thunder à un ami. Il me reste une 9000 CDE Turbo 2,3 Automatique de 1996, et Un Cabriolet 9.3 SE Turbo de 2000. J'ai beaucoup apprécié la newletter qui traitait de la 9000 Turbo. A bientôt, Saabistement vôtre, Franck

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      Je nais pas parlez francaise.

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