Caught in the downward spiral, NEVS is posting new positions

It's quieter at the turn of the year, but there's always room for a little drama. Things happen in Trollhättan that might be considered strange. NEVS is looking for new employees after a recent mass layoff. The question of why this is so seems difficult to answer at first glance and could end in positive speculation. But this is not the case, as a closer look at the situation shows.

Autonomous driving - Sango from NEVS
Autonomous driving - Sango from NEVS

New jobs in Trollhättan

NEVS wrote around 20 at the beginning of the month new jobs which were already advertised in a similar form in autumn. Then came the mass layoffs as a result of the Chinese ownership crisis. Around half of all employees had to leave. Now NEVS is again looking for engineers and software developers for autonomous driving. The application deadlines for the various positions end in mid to late January.

NEVS seems to be able to (or want to) continue existing projects at least to a smaller extent. Money to do so is after the sale of the Meneko shares to Koenigsegg, available for a plannable period of time.

Anyone who had hoped for good news from Trollhättan at the end of the year will have to wait some more. Perhaps the longed-for news will never arrive. NEVS owner Evergrande is stumbling through a debt tsunami, most recently a state-run risk management commission moved into the headquarters in Hong Kong. Another tool used by the Chinese state to avoid bankruptcy. This could have a fatal effect, since alongside Evergrande competitor Kaisa, the alleged number 2 among Chinese real estate groups, is in a similarly desperate situation.

Further in the downward vortex

The electric car plans and their realization are open, Evergrande Auto (HK 0708) stock has seen speculatively motivated massive moves in both directions in the past few days. According to the current status, the start of production in January does not seem likely, because the production license for Hengchi 5 LX was (allegedly) not granted.

In order to escape the downward spiral of the Evergrande Group, NEVS is looking for new investors. They should, like CEO Stefan Tilk P4 Väst announced, are available for takeover. But the Evergrande Group refuses to let NEVS go. NEVS remains caught in a downward spiral, the available funds are finite, the company does not generate significant income to cover costs. The danger of sliding into doom with Evergrande is just as real as more months of crippling standstill.

7 thoughts on "Caught in the downward spiral, NEVS is posting new positions"

  • It's interesting that Evergrande NEVS won't let go.

    Either NEVS has a high symbolic value for Evergrande. You own a Swedish company. A European “car manufacturer”.
    Or Evergrande sees a very real value in NEVS and the Sango and not a good deal in a sale.

    Either way, and regardless of whether Evergrande sees a sale as a loss of prestige or a withdrawal from an autonomous taxi, the proceeds would be a drop in the ocean for Evergrande.

    The layoffs at NEVS were perhaps a bit tactical against the background of ready investors? A bride who wants someone else likes to make herself unattractive in the old marriage. But it must not destroy itself either. Otherwise everyone will turn away from her. She goes down.

    The NEVS (wave of layoffs) personnel policy was perhaps a maneuver to break away from Evergrande?
    The advertisement of a handful of new positions would therefore be a quarter of a roll backwards. In this marriage the bride only does the bare minimum. Only what it takes to be attractive enough to others. I hope Evergrande understands the signal ...

    You won't be happy with NEVS like this. And NEVS not with Evergrande. Please let the bride go and we'll see ...

  • Quite banally asked: What does NEVS still have to do with SAAB? The ownership of the property in Trollhättan and the patents and rights to 9-3 II or III (from MY 2008 or 2012, based on MY 2003, so soon 20 years old)? The production lines and machines have long since disappeared into a Chinese NEVS plant that does not produce either.

    Except for the properties, nothing that would be important today - because the 9-3 from 2003, as much as I appreciate it and as ultra-modern, especially the convertible still looks, can no longer be the base for models up to the 30s .

    Or is there anything else relevant that Nevs has? The naming rights yes - fortunately !!! - not. Who actually has the rights to Aero-X and PhoeniX?

    • NEVS still has a lot to do with Saab. Every newly exhibited COC comes from NEVS, for example. Saab production archives, design drafts (clay models) if they still exist, everything can be found at NEVS. In addition, NEVS holds various (ex-Saab) rights such as XWD, Trionic and many more.

      • Oh dear - but thanks for the info!

      • I always thought Orio would do that?

        • No. NEVS prints, Orio delivers to the dealers who sell. Hence the meanwhile high prices.

  • If I read this article like this, NEVS (figuratively) started to lurch on the icy road in winter. Whoever applies for the vacancies at NEVS in this sluggish situation remains to be seen ... I wouldn't do it if I had to ensure a full refrigerator.
    So the point of view comes to me to send positive messages again or to show the flag even when rolling / falling (with NEVS) ...
    C will continue to be with us next year, as will Evergrande and NEVS.
    2022 will bring solutions ...
    SAAB stays :-)!

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