Hengchi 5 LX is ready for production

It was a small, humble ceremony that took place in Tianjin last week. Hengchi 5 LX, the Evergrande Group's first self-developed electric car, rolled off the production line. The Tianjin facility is now considered ready for production and some local media have been full of praise. Yes, in this case you have to look very carefully in order to be able to classify the event correctly.

Hengchi 5 LX number 1 (Image via CN wire)
Hengchi 5 LX number 1 (Image via CN wire)

Start of mass production

The unofficial "official date" for the start of mass production of Evergrande Auto was set at the beginning of January 2022. A secret that is by no means a secret because it was spread across almost all Chinese media at some point. Some local media and also English language Chinese media celebrated Evergrande for having brought the start of production 12 days forward. This is called over-fulfillment in socialism. For this reason Lenin advised not to trust any statistics that you had not falsified yourself.

It is questionable whether this was actually the start of mass production. There were no press representatives at the small ceremony, photos were leaked to local media (by chance or not). In the first media reports it was then only about the plant in Tianjin, which is now ready for production. And pre-series models of the Hengchi 5 LX that came off the production line.

That was December 27th, and over the next 3 days it became the start of mass production in the media. Of course, the production license is still missing, but it could or may not be granted at any time.

Mutation to the state company

China follows its own rules, an insight that can be drawn from the Evergrande history. Because, although the group does not service its foreign liabilities, 92% of all run construction sites again. At least the real estate activities are under the supervision of various state committees and commissions, so that Evergrande can be seen as a state-run corporation. We will soon find out what this development means for electric car activities.

Without a license issued, both the product and the Tianjin facility are of no importance. After all, they want to deliver the Hengchi 5 LX to customers, which is currently not possible.

6 thoughts on "Hengchi 5 LX is ready for production"

  • PR cartoon

    The photo is delicious. I rarely laughed like that on the blog ...
    The large workforce of the plant gathered, moved, happy, 1.000 faces full of creative pride. The spark leaps over immediately ...

    In the midst of the happy crowds, an automotive clown with a red nose. The striking ambitions are also wonderful. It's not No. 1. No, it's No. 00001. So there are still at least 9.999 cars planned ...

    Is that the new humility with which Evergrande pays respect to the party? Well, maybe PR is also - especially in China. Who knows?

    • Hasn't the factor of 10 been spilled somewhere? With 5 digits in the decimal number system, you can count up to 99.999, so at least another 99.998 cars are planned. If they had started counting with zero, they would also have 100.00, but this symbolism is probably also undesirable in China.

      I rather wonder what the loop should mean, who wants to give something to whom. Evergrande yourself, the Chinese people, or the potential customers?

      Maybe the Chinese version of the K70 story? Are you trying to generate so much demand that the administration doesn't want to disappoint it?
      Or it is only addressed to the decision-makers to show that you could get started if you were allowed to.

      In this context, it could be interesting how big the semiconductor problem is in China and whether Evergrande has possibly sufficiently ordered with the bulging instead of blotting motto? Maybe it would be interesting to know who could take over the material if no hengchis are built?

      As always, forecasting is difficult, especially when it comes to the future ...

      • I wrote at least (!) 9.999 more ...
        Propositional logic & algebra seem to me preserved. The point is, isn't it, why the counter was chosen to have 5 and not 1 or 6 digits?
        Design, message, sense of mission. Either you just leave the question open and show the number 1 as a single digit, or you just provide a forecast of the number of pieces.

        Daimler currently has a 7-digit recall and the VW Beetle was produced in 8-digit numbers. The tablet on the Hengchi is either a faux pas or a conscious expression of Evergrande's new modesty. So a deliberate message to the people and leaders. Could also be. Foreign countries, foreign customs ...

  • A lot of space in the hall, well, without a license and the benevolence of the party leadership, nothing works in socialism-communism ..., although in this country there is also a pipeline waiting for its license. We’re curious how the thriller will continue.

  • The picture symbolizes the status of the project. It won't turn out like that at first, I see more despair than departure. Somehow reminds me of the NEVS night and fog actions. There is everything together that must have been looking for.

  • This photo reminds me of the real socialism I experienced myself in Poland….
    Are the only two people present cleaning the hall after they - as heroes of work, of course - have just screwed the car together?

    The Lizi


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