Teaser - New hypercar from Koenigsegg 2022?

2022 is an anniversary year for Koenigsegg. 20 years ago the Ängelholm factory delivered the first customer vehicle, the Koenigsegg CC8S. Before that was the development of the first hypercar, which took 8 years to complete. 6 copies of the CC8S came to the customer's hand. It is possible that a new hypercar is being planned in Sweden as a tribute to the CC8S. Because on January 1, the manufacturer published a first teaser on social media.

Koenigsegg Hypercar Teaser 2022

The ultimate hypercar?

Of course, Koenigsegg makes things exciting. The teaser shows a typical Koenigsegg silhouette with smooth lines and the familiar pilot's cockpit that seems to flow around the cockpit. The design of the taillights seems to be quite different from the current models. It is reminiscent of the CCX, which was launched in 2006, and which was a milestone in the history of the brand with the first self-developed V8 engine.

The front spoiler seems to continue the "classic" Koenigsegg design language from back then. The subtle diffuser at the rear is reminiscent of high-speed cars like the Bugatti Chiron.

There is intentionally a lot of room for interpretation and the question of what fascination the hypercar forge around Christian von Koenigsegg (CvK) will release from the hallowed halls. If you look at the company's history, an exclusive small series of maybe half a dozen hypercars would be likely. Each a few million expensive, according to a superlative, and inaccessible for the majority of people.

In any case, CvK promises the waiting fans ultimate performance through intelligent solutions and optimal design.

3 thoughts on "Teaser - New hypercar from Koenigsegg 2022?"

  • It would be nice if they are decision-makers with the necessary capital 🙂

  • I see the supersport car manufacturer as a kind of laboratory to test some things in practice. The next step would actually be a small series of sonnets with properties suitable for everyday use. So 500-5.000 pieces annually and cost-covering produced, and more practical like the Polestar 1… ..ok, I'll stop dreaming…. ;-)

    • These Saab dreams, with Polestar as a model, are currently dreaming some people in Sweden. You are not alone there.


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