The legendary sports car brand Spyker is trying to restart

A new year, well-known actors and a not so fresh plan. The legendary sports car brand Spyker is trying again to restart. As always, it's former Saab frontman Victor Muller who pulls the strings. Supported by friends from Russia, whose names are also not unknown. Will the new attempt to bring Spyker back into the present succeed?

Restart - Spyker B6 Venator Spyker Concept
Restart - Spyker B6 Venator Concept

Planned Spyker Comeback 2.0

We remember. Spyker planned a fall in 2020 Comeback. In the spring it all seemed to be over, but miraculously the brand escaped the ultimate end. With the Russian financier and Putin's friend Boris Rotenberg, the new start should succeed. The plans sounded fantastic, a production in Germany, the showroom in Monaco, and above all, endless Russian money.

Because financier Rotenberg should be something like the biggest fan of the brand and own a large Spyker collection.

The comeback silted up somewhere in the triangle Monaco, London, St. Petersburg. A few months later, in January 2021, the break was over again. Instead of a party atmosphere with Russian caviar, he pulled liquidator one and Spyker seemed to have used up the last of his at least 9 lives this time.

The funeral chants rang out, the Website went offline and the last of the valuables were sold. Almost, because important assets were given to an English company as a precaution and were thus withdrawn from the bailiff's access.

Just in case that a few bonus rounds could be booked in addition to the 9 lives used.

Luxury never realized. Spyker B6 Venator Spyker Concept.
Luxury never realized. Spyker B6 Venator Concept.

Restart with known actors in the background

You almost suspect that in the team with Boris Rotenberg Spyker will rise from the ashes in 2022. With small changes in the program compared to 2019. The Production is now to take place in Russia and Germany, the final assembly in the Netherlands. Monaco is still considered set, Cannes as planned, and an additional sales room is to be built somewhere between France, Germany and Luxembourg. Financially, operations are to be carried out from Luxembourg and 3 different Spyker models will be on offer.

That's nice and good luck to you. Because, in the age of soulless Asian high-voltage products, the automotive soul needs stories of old legendary brands that soar from the ashes.

Unfortunately, you don't want to be petty, there is a little catch.

The anger of the Americans still hovers over Putin's friend Boris. The sanctions that affect his old judo friend from Moscow also apply to Boris Rotenberg. His entrepreneurial freedoms in the West are currently limited. The sanctions will run (at least) until March 2022.

4 thoughts on "The legendary sports car brand Spyker is trying to restart"

  • I can't really judge. But also think that he has already burned for Saab.

  • VM is a lawyer through and through ...

    I got to know a few better. That was very interesting and informative ...
    There is actually the “craftsman” type. So lawyers who earn their money honestly with good and hard work, both lawyers, prosecutors and judges ...

    However, many lawyers are adventurers and admit that privately. One of them told me frankly that he had studied law because he did not want to give the state (that includes his fellow citizens) a cent. Another (a co-owner and CEO) that he would have problems calling himself a “fully qualified lawyer”. But that doesn't matter. He could have everything that would be beneficial to him privately and commercially ...

    I could give around 20 other examples.

    I had a lot of respect for VM for a long time, but that was seen through Saab glasses and pure wishful thinking. He, Spyker and his questionable friends no longer have any sympathy for me.

    VM doesn't care about progress and technology. Mentally, he has little to do with Saab. If he can sell a car with leather and gold leaf, he doesn't care about the engine, brakes or chassis. The lawyer buys all this off the shelf ...

    The only really important thing is that your private assets are safe and your personal room for maneuver, including several, is not affected by older ambitions (such as Saab).

    VM never really burned for Saab. It was always about himself. I think it's time to take a sober look ...

    • I wouldn't judge it that way with Saab. In Trollhättan, with ex-Saab employees, VM is considered the "one" who has at least tried. I think that lives up to its role.

      • Yes, that's fair. He's the one who's at least tried ...

        Nevertheless, he is a soldier of fortune - especially in his own right. That doesn't contradict each other per se.
        He tried his luck with Saab and brought the workforce and us some production and a lot more hope. I don't want to miss that, but also no longer want to see his person and personality exclusively through these glasses.

        Saab is only a brief episode in the life of the VM, it was an adventure among others. He has completely different facets and already had questionable accounts in island states during his time at Saab ...

        I just think there is no need to pay homage to him any further. He does it himself. “His” employees have my respect from “his” time. They conscientiously built the Saab that came after GM ...

        Great cars. Thanks to everyone who bent a finger or even their back. These are my heroes. At VM, I have no doubt that he knows how to slurp oysters and champagne or how to draw up contracts and where to set up his account. But I don't trust him much more ...


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