DAB + radio - navigation - reversing camera and more for Saab 9-5 OG

The time has come slowly. In March, or April at the latest, the Saab 9-5 OG should be back on the road. Before that, he gets upgrades. A DAB + radio is compulsory, as is navigation, Apple Car Play, a reversing camera and much more. Because, even if you drive a Saab youngtimer, that does not mean doing without modern technology. The purchasing phase is currently running. Many components are ordered because we equip two 9-5 upper floors with different systems. What is possible and what is useful? The current status of the planning, ideas from the readers are expressly desired.

DAB + navigation and more for Saab 9-5 OG
DAB + navigation and more for Saab 9-5 OG

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