Saab Session Slovakia 2021 - the movie

The Saab Session Slovakia has long been a fixed date for international Saab events. Saab fans from many European nations meet in a beautiful tradition. Saab passion knows no bounds and last year's session had 142 participants from 9 countries. The youngest participant was just 4 months old. Does the Saab scene have a youth problem? Probably not.

Saab Session Slovakia 2021
Saab Session Slovakia 2021

The Saab session is traditionally oriented towards the east. This is noticeable in the composition of the nationalities. Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia made up the largest number of participants. Others came from Germany, Switzerland and the neighbors from Austria.

The longest journey was made by a participant from the Ukraine, who covered 9 kilometers with his Saab 5-1.240 SC to the meeting. A Saab is at home on long journeys, the old slogan from Trollhättan is still valid today.

Just as nationality was irrelevant, it was also the case with the vehicles. No matter from which epoch of Saab history, every vehicle was welcome. The oldest Saab traveled from Krakow, Poland, a Saab 96 two-stroke from 1962. Around 234 kilometers, after all, it takes a bit of pioneering spirit.

As always, the organizers are spoiling the Saab fans with a film about the Saab session. Saab feeling for a few minutes, professionally staged.

Note: A participant report for the Saab Session Slovakia 2021 will follow in the next few days.