Saab Team Wagenheimer at the Styria 2022 Winter Rally

snow, lots of snow! The route of the Styrian Winter Rally should be snow-sure. 2 days, 750 kilometers and the Saab Team Wagenheimer with the 96 right in the middle. The Styria Rallye traditionally starts in January, but after the cancellation in 2021 due to Corona, everything is new and different. The motorsport event takes place in the third week of February on a completely new route.

Saab 96 Team Wagenheimer
Saab 96 Team Wagenheimer

Winter Rally Styria with a strong Saab presence

This leads over the Eastern Alps, over remote side routes, and through the federal states of Salzburg and Upper Austria. The route, the organizer promises, should be snow-sure. The field of rally participants is limited to just 60 vehicles, including the same this year three Saab 96. Two of them rely on the V4 engine, one Saab drives with the classic two-stroke engine.

Erik Carlsson would have enjoyed it.

The rally, which includes two days plus night drives, is a classic motorsport event. The route takes up the routes of the Semperit Rally and the legendary Austrian Alpine Rides. There are no electronic aids, stopwatches and tachometers in the old fashioned way are sufficient. After 750 kilometers the event ends with an ice race.

The Saab Team Wagenheimer actually had their sights set on the Histo-Monte this year, but then canceled due to the pandemic. the Saab 96, who is new to the fleet, is now starting in Austria, with a different co-driver. The proven Wagenheimer team will become the Wagenheimer-Ueberschär team, at least temporarily. Joachim Ueberschär brings some experience from historic motorsport with him. Nothing stands in the way of having fun flying the Saab in ice and snow.

4 thoughts on "Saab Team Wagenheimer at the Styria 2022 Winter Rally"

  • Yes, I have fond memories of the first time I drove up to the Sabathyhütte in Styria in 1980 with my 96er.
    Where others already had to mount snow chains, I could still climb the mountain with summer tires.

  • Hope we get the results and some pictures later.

  • let it flow

    Yes, join the bergsaab.
    I wish you accident-free participation and lots of fun. When I see the “box” like this, fun is guaranteed. I love this "airflow design" that dates back to the 1940's...

    Unlike the Americans, Volvo and the rest of the world, Saab, including the 9K and 9-3 I, has consistently pursued and modernized it for many years and up to the turn of the millennium.

    There has never been such a wide range of models as there is today. But I'm still missing something...
    Such a 96 is a really cool sock - no matter which engine. Have fun …

  • Good luck to the team... and an accident-free rally!

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