Have-want reflex - Saab Aero X Club cups have landed

We are excited every time a new product arrives from the factory. With the Saab Aero X Club cups, we were special. Never before has one of our cups contained so much craftsmanship and new ideas. Would that go well? As always, the heartbeat came when the first boxes were unpacked, fresh off the pallet. The Aero X Club cups exceeded our expectations. We are excited. And I suddenly have a new favorite coffee mug.

Saab Aero X Club Mug 2022
Saab Aero X Club Mug 2022

The wanting reflex

A good indicator of whether a product is great or not is the reactions of the blog team. The want-to-have reflex didn't just set in for me. Immediately, without doubt or reservation. The cups are valuable, a little extravagant, and something special for automotive (Saab) gourmets.

The matt, satin black corresponds to the engraved lettering, the mysterious red X stands out. In reality, everything looks even better than pictures can transport it. There are objects whose use is only a pleasure. Here is one of them. And to be honest, we're actually a little proud of that.

The grip feels good in the hand, the ergonomics are excellent, the tire pad gives the story a perfect grip. Even if it gets a bit stormy. It is of course removable and the Saab Aero X Club cup cuts a fine figure even without our pad.

Aero X Club cup = collector's cup

In principle, everything is great, and even better than expected. But with so much beauty, there is a certain caveat. The surface finish, satin black matt, is particularly elegant. But the high quality also has its price. Each cup comes with a small note that we recommend hand washing to protect the surface from scratches.

Of course you can use the dishwasher for cleaning. But eventually the surface will suffer, the cup will age and lose its beauty. Scratches tell of daily use, maybe that's attractive too. Then the cup and user will age together over the years.

Of course, the Saab Aero X Club cup is primarily a collector's item and was designed to be particularly high quality and unusual. But also a mug that was made for the daily enjoyment of coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

Everyone has to decide for themselves how to use and maintain them.

The important thing is to have fun and enjoy with a little smile. As I do.

Delivery has started, the cups are in ours Aero X Club Store ordered.

8 thoughts on "Have-want reflex - Saab Aero X Club cups have landed"

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    The cups arrived this morning. They look even better than expected. You've got some real gems there.

  • blank

    So I got two - one will definitely be used!
    The second goes into the archive 😉

    Greetings from Bad Salzdetfurth!

  • blank

    The cups turned out really great, respect. I can't wait to see what crazy ideas come up next!

  • blank

    Very chic! I'm happy!

  • blank

    Unfortunately, the week before last, the TURBO cup fell down and broke into 1000 pieces (I didn't count). The AeroX cup will probably be a worthy successor.

    Now have a spare tire pad.

    • blank

      That's a shame. I also really liked the white one. But what symbolism...

      No more all cups in the cupboard and also a wheel off. There are definitely outsiders who perceive Saab drivers like this 😉
      And haven't we all had one wheel set too many? It's like that for me...

  • blank

    They look sharp.

  • blank

    In anticipation……………………………, and I will use the cup :-)!
    Class noble idea, SAAB worthy.

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