Shall we drive a Tesla? Koenigsegg produces accessories for Tesla!

It's unbelievable, but there are Koenigsegg accessories for Tesla. Koenigsegg is actually known for producing extravagant super sports cars of the top league. The manufactory in Ängelholm is extremely innovative and they use a lot of carbon for the construction of the Swedish hypercars. Carbon fiber is light, expensive and requires a great deal of experience to produce. Koenigsegg Advanced Manufacturing (KAM) is responsible for this – accessories for the Tesla models now also come from exactly this source.

Koenigsegg spoilers for Model X
Koenigsegg spoilers for Model X

Koenigsegg carbon fiber for Tesla

The supplier of the exclusive accessories is Tesla specialist Unplugged Performance (UP). KAM produces the components for this in the plant where the parts for the super sports cars are also made. A sticker on each part indicates the Koenigsegg origin.

As exclusive as the Koenigsegg address is, the components on offer are not cheap. One made out of carbon fiber rear spoiler for the Model S (2012-2022) costs US$2.495. The set for Fender flares for the Model 3, a little more is deducted from the account at US$ 8.845. The spoiler for the trunk is there with a starting price from 1.745 US $ again really inexpensive. Even the Model X, whose chubby basic form signals nothing of the elegance of a sports car, can be equipped with one for US$ 2.495 Spoiler be refined.

Note - Cooperation between UP and KAM
Note - cooperation between UP and KAM

Exclusivity comes with a certain price tag and the Koenigsegg name is synonymous with the most innovative accessories you can buy for a Tesla. The Koenigsegg manufactory has the highest level of competence when it comes to carbon materials. Christian von Koenigsegg takes care of it special relationship to Tesla. He calls Elon Musk his great idol. It's good if it also turns into an exciting business model.

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    The article really makes me want to...

    another unpretentious everyday classic in the stable. An old, analog box whose spoilers are much lighter than they could ever be made of carbon. Exactly 0,00 mg. A practical box without any pacifiers, without any spoilers. Just a purely utility-oriented car.

    Doesn't fit so well within the Saab box, but neither is a spoiler for Tesla. I would really like a Volvo Duett (PV 445). A practical station wagon from the very old school. A 1940s design that was so practical that Volvo continued to produce the car, at the request of Swedish authorities, until 1969, significantly longer than planned. Of course with increasing motorisation, disc brakes at the front and seat belts. The PV 445 moved with the times.

    It may forever be THE Swedish car with the highest utility ever realized by a Swedish manufacturer. Would I rather have a Tesla 3 with a flared fender for $8.845? No, definitely not...

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