That was powerful-voiced broadband rock - Meat Loaf

I was 17 or 18 years old when friends took me to a small cinema. The Rocky Horror Picture Show became the first meeting with Marvin Lee Aday, aka Meat Loaf. Later Michael instead of Marvin, which is just a footnote. The Rocky Horror Picture Show marked the beginning of a musical friendship. Meat Loaf moved into my car with "Bat out of Hell". And stayed there - to this day.

Meat Loaf

Powerful broadband rock

Meat Loaf and the Rocky Horror Picture Show. One of those films that no one would make today. Too maladjusted, politically incorrect, evil and rebellious. The dictators of this world would never let this film into their cinemas. One could come up with ideas. Thoughts that lead to defiance or rebellion. But times were different back then. Not as pinched as today.

Debuting on the Rocky Horror Picture Show suited Meat Love. When "Bat out of Hell" ignited, he showed powerful-voiced broadband rock. A great production, too much of everything. Too colourful, too loud, too provocative. Beyond all good taste, and guaranteed to be oversubscribed. But each of his rock stories was like an opera.

You just had to want to understand.

Meat Love, the infernal tenor, as he was described by the "Zeit", could sing over 4 octaves. Without effort! It provided the music of my youth, and "Bat out of Hell" moved from car to car and CD player to CD player. The CD cases aged, became unsightly. But Meat Loaf stayed.

Michael Lee Aday also lived the life of a rocker in real life. With plenty of drama, crashes, abysses. One of those whose life line is not straight, but garnished with ups and downs. Which made him one of us and particularly likeable.

After "Bat out of Hell" the success dwindled. Albums that were created without the involvement of his friend and companion Jim Steinman could not build on the old size. I bought all of them anyway because I loved the powerful voice.

The "Bat out of Hell" saga

Steinman and Aday had fallen out, but reconciled. Aday dedicated "Bat out of Hell III" to his friendship with Steinman, and the saga continued. Larger, powerful-voiced, brilliant broadband rock that makes current ballads look very thin.

“Bat out of Hell” II to III moved into my cars. Great car driving music after a long day of work or an endless meeting. Then Meat Loaf turned it up and showed that life is so much more. Magnificent, multicolored and guaranteed infinitely more complex than you can ever understand and experience.

For any stereo, the rock tenor is a challenge. If the system and speakers survive "Bad out of Hell III" at an advanced volume, then they are good at least.

Of course, Meat Loaf doesn't fit in every car. It is compatible with an Alfa V6, Saab 900 Turbo, a 9000, maybe even a 9-3 OG Aero. Whether he wants to sing in a 9-5 has not yet been clarified. He is Turbo X compatible. No wonder, because the Turbo X is just as incorrect as the singer.

The hero of my youth

Meat Loaf was a hero of my youth. Someone who moved with me from car to car, who conjured up a wonderful broadband rock world at 3 a.m. on the A3. Who kept me awake when too many freeway kilometers and too little sleep came together. Who accompanied me through the dark night with his stories about life, love and what one is willing to do for it.

He probably doesn't fit into our world anymore. In which there is no longer room for rockers who come from hell and weird heroes. I think it's pretty much impossible that you'll hear "Bat out of Hell" in the Tesla. Jim Steinman died in 2021. The composer of the "Bat out of Hell" days.

On January 20th Meat Loaf followed him. Thank you for everything! Farewell old friend, see you again!

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    A great artist, I liked him a lot!

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    The meatloaf in the Saab

    I have no doubt that Meat Loaf would be happy to forgive us all a 9-5 and be played there. Maybe the sound of the exhaust and engine are a little tame, but the stereo makes up for the meatloaf all the better...

    For me, the 9-5 was my first car in which I no longer had to play with the balance of the system until it was really stereo in the driver's seat and loud in both ears. The additional treble and mid speaker at the top of the dashboard between the front seats does a really good job. As is well known, you can't locate the depths anyway...

    You can make a subwoofer. Everywhere and in every room. No wonder audio systems today come standard with an odd number of speakers. In the 9-5 it was the other way around. The odd number was not a saving on woofers, but served the stereo philosophy at least in the front seats.

    Yes, yes, I think the meatloaf can do very well with being served in a 9-5 and living on in the ears and hearts of its pilots...

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      I've always enjoyed it as a meat loaf, but it also tasted good that way!

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        😉 very nice. For others it might not be a roast or cheese, but rather a casserole or terrine?

        These are such culinary regional-lingual subtleties that are also reflected in translations. He would enjoy it. Here he at least meets with very broad and national recognition 😉

        I think that's great and the keyword given by Tom is just great 😉

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    PS, my Revox Symbol boxes have been controlling the volume for 38 years. Stand there like a stronghold and endure everything without getting tired!

    Great writing Tom! I could not have said it better my self!

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    I wanna take you in my backseat and drive you slowly home
    from "did I say that" this hammer song about heart pain, bombastic and grandiose.

    And then the powerful-voiced song "for ever young" which now has a completely different meaning!

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    It was always too thick for me, songs that never ended!!!
    But an excellent musician....RiP

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    Another hero from our youth gone... may he be well up there!

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    Thanks for the very personal article about Meat Loaf (ML).
    ML was a "primeval force" on stage with a grandiose voice.
    My dream of seeing him live is now gone.
    What remains are 2 “emergency CDs” in the car: Rocky Horror Picture Show and Bad Out Of Hell.
    The news of his death made me very sad.

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    I liked very much. Especially in the car, a terrific voice! RIP

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    DM 31,99 …. those were the days.

    Mueller is still there. The German mark no longer, or only in drawers, or as a Pfennig money box in the Jim Beam bottle.

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      Of the Deutsche Mark, a clearly double-digit billion amount is said to be in “circulation”. Doesn't exist anymore somehow that doesn't really apply.
      The good question is "who" is sitting on it? Maybe buried, walled in, in lockers, eaten by washing machines or fires and who knows where else. Still an unbelievable sum, I don't think drawers and money boxes are enough for that...

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