Saab 900 Turbo Sedan (1983) by Cult Models

Saab is a cult and maybe the cult is slowly becoming too much for model car collectors. Cult Models from the Netherlands is already launching the second Saab 900 novelty this year. Previously, DNA Collectibles also had a 900/1th scale 18 miniature announced. While the Swiss focused on the hatchback, the Dutch from Cult Models set their sights on the sedan. Deliveries will begin in February, but you'll have to wait a few more months for the DNA model cars. So it can get tight in the collector's showcases.

Saab 900 Turbo (1983) by Cult Models
Saab 900 Turbo (1983) by Cult Models

Saab 900 Turbo Sedan (1983)

The trend of offering model cars in several colors right from the start is also continuing at Cult Models. The 900 Turbo Sedan comes in three color variants and different equipment. Silver paint is combined with a blue interior, white with an iconic red and the black 900 Turbo rolls into the collection with a gray interior.

This fits well and is in line with what customers were ordering in the early 80's. That's still fun in the showcase today. There are also the typical turbo rims of the early years, which are just beautiful.

The Turbo rims are typical for early Turbo models
The Turbo rims are typical for early Turbo models

Shortly before delivery are from Cult Models only Pictures of the miniatures in the prototype stage available. Unfortunately, their resolution is not good, so that hardly anything can be said about the expected quality. One can assume that a maturation process will take place at Cult Modells in the course of development and that the end product will convince in detail.

Not always without weaknesses in detail

In the past, however, the Saab models made of resin by Cult Models were not always beyond doubt. Details and scale accuracy showed weaknesses and were not necessarily appropriate for the price level. These can be yesterday's mistakes, you have to wait and see what's going to be delivered.

The pictures show prototypes - not the series
The pictures show prototypes - not the series

You should still risk an intensive look at the Saab 900 Sedan. Despite the current flood of Saab model cars, there are not too many contributions to this body shape on the market. As an addition to the collection, the cars should be attractive. Fortunately, Cult Models strictly limits the edition, so a certain collector's value is always maintained.

The Saab 900 Turbo Sedan (1983) is available in well-stocked model car shops and can be pre-ordered. The prices are between €150,00 and €160,00 and are therefore on the normal market level for smaller print runs.

With images from Cult Models

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    Scale & Accuracy

    I think the wheels are a tad too big. But it looks good and could well be intentional ….
    As a manufacturer, I would also consider where and how I might deviate a little from absolute true-to-scale if it serves the sake of beauty.

    Every collector has to decide for himself, of course, but I think it's legitimate if models are subtly prettied up compared to the original with marginal deviations. That's where the creativity and fun lies. And there is a certain risk. It has to be well done and not overdone. The job is successful when the model is perceived as beautiful and authentic at the same time, although or precisely because you have allowed yourself a certain amount of leeway in interpreting and shrinking the original ...

    I think that's okay in principle. A little fun is allowed. Maybe a turbo lettering is a little bigger? Or the track is subtly widened? Maybe the exterior mirrors are a little smaller? Whatever. If it's done well, no harm is done and someone has created a nice model - maybe not true to scale in every detail, but with fun doing it. I personally think that's right and good.

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