Saab at the 2022 Monte-Carlo Historique Rally

This year's Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique moves in the footsteps of old, great times. The journey will be made on its own from three European cities that have also played an important role in the event in the past. The start will be tomorrow in Milan, Bad Homburg and Reims. The participants arrive in Monaco by Saturday, when the challenging part of the rally begins. What would historic motorsport be without Saab? Four international Saab teams have registered. Including a Saab crew that comes from Germany and drives to the principality via Milan.

Saab 93A 1957
Saab 93A 1957

Saab 93A at the Monte-Carlo Historique Rally

The Saab was built in 1957 and is therefore the oldest representative of the Göta Älv brand. The other Saab teams rely on the 96, including two V4. The 93 A is a representative of the good old two-stroke era, it also drove in the Mille Miglia in 2020. Before the rally, the 93 A was technically improved again. A German engine specialist refined the two-stroke unit, guided by Saab veterans who specialize in the old technology.

Saab 93 A 1957 - "Split-Window" and "Suicide" doors
Saab 93 A 1957 – “Split-Window” and “Suicide” doors

The Saab with FIA car pass is owned by Steffen Wirth, who also takes the wheel. He was originally supposed to be assisted by the Saab rally legend Simo Lampinen as a co-driver. Unfortunately, Simo had to cancel at the last minute, so we wish him a speedy recovery! The frantic search for a replacement began. Luckily, Alexander Buchholz was able to step in as co-pilot immediately.

Mille Miglia 2021 with Saab 93 A
Mille Miglia 2020 with Saab 93 A

Buchholz has experience in historic motorsport and drives a DKW F12 over the race track instead of a two-stroke Saab. Which also relies on the two-stroke principle.

The service car of the Monte Carlo Rally is driven by Götz Welge. Spare parts, service material and spiked tires for the Saab must be transported. It's almost like the old wild days when an Erik Carlsson was behind the wheel. However, Carlsson often had to transport the parts in his own car. A service car was a luxury that the small manufacturer Saab could not usually afford at the time.

The rally, organized by the Monaco Automobile Club, ends on February 2nd. Before that, the route leads over the most beautiful stretches of the Maritime Alps, which are challenging to drive.

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    Concerning the service van introduced later In 1978, Saab-Valmet built a hatchback COMBI based on a 99 TURBO Combi-Coupé from a Volvo 240 and called it the 99-VAN. This 99GLE power steering vehicle was once shipped from Sweden to Italy and should have been shipped to Holland or Germany last year for restoration.

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    Saab 93 A 1957 - "Split window" and "suicide" doors, what a photo! SAAB calendar worth ...!
    A beautiful specimen, congratulations to the owner and a repeat of the legendary rally success ;-)!

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    He looks so good! ( and having already had two 96's and sold them looking at the pictures I think I must have another one.... )

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    Carlsson on the roof

    It is unbelievable under what conditions Erik C. has achieved success for himself and Saab. No service car and arrival on your own axis. All this with such a car. The competition stopped laughing and their designers couldn't believe it.

    The world looked very different on paper. And then this Carlsson comes along and brakes (if at all) with his left hand and runs away...

    really crazy Would have to be filmed in the cinema format worthy.

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    What a cool Saab! Bomb!

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      Oh yeah, he looks ridiculously good...

      Or you? Down to the last detail. Just the red shoes in combination with the elegant sheet metal dress and its color. Hammer!

      And then photographed so outrageously well in two perfect poses in front of the ideal background. Just awesome …

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    I'm excited......Tom; we are certainly very interested to find out more.
    Pictures and latest results from all Saab participants.
    Class !!!!

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