NEVS is moving towards a change of ownership

Is something changing in the Saab legacies in Trollhättan? NEVS may be moving towards a change of ownership, CEO Stefan Tilk lets know. The company has concrete proposals from industrial investors. One is currently in dialogue with Evergrande, it is about the approval of the sale. And: a solution is approaching.

NEVS before change of ownership
NEVS before change of ownership

Will NEVS get a new owner?

NEVS has been wanting to break away from the Evergrande Group for months, but it is (so far) sticking with the Swedish company. NEVS is important for the automotive plans, one heard again and again from China. In the meantime the situation has changed fundamentally. Evergrande is effectively under state supervision, and administrative committees are preparing the restructuring of the group.

The question of what could happen to the Hengchi car brand and its automotive ambitions is open. Beijing refuses the license for the production-ready vehicles, thereby creating facts. The Hengchi brand is currently on hold. Which doesn't have to stay that way forever.

NEVS CEO Tilk is currently confident that NEVS will complete the change of ownership this spring. He agreed Sveriges Radio. The company recently had to lay off almost half of the workforce, but is now hiring new staff on a smaller scale.

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  • Sango and Sono…

    I think of NEVS. Only indirectly related to Saab, but I'm a little curious to see if and how NEVS might detach from Evergrande.

    Perhaps Evergrande is pursuing interests in Sango and NEVS can only free itself by waiving various patents and rights?

    And then there are the NEVS plants and any production licenses in China. NEVS was already in the starting blocks, just like Evergrande itself now...

    I do not understand anymore. Evergrande, NEVS, Sono Motors...
    How many models are there or have there already been in the pipeline? That's at least 10, right?

    Sango, Sion and at least two 9-3 NEVS EV are already 4 alone. In addition, there is a wide range of Hengchis ...

    Everything is turning. Also construction cranes. Plants are springing up. But nothing moves. All tapes stand still. None of these cars drive. This is historically without precedent in this dimension and global constellation...

    Consider chaos theory. Somewhere in the world a butterfly flaps its wings and years later causes a storm somewhere on the globe...

    GM slams a door on Saab and today? Today the scenario described above in a previously unimagined dimension. And somehow both are connected - in such a complex way that a connection, if at all, is only revealed to chaos research.

    I conclude that no manager in this world is able to control the chaos that inevitably accompanies a global distribution of patents, property and shares, production facilities, contract manufacturing, suppliers and sales markets across different legal opinions and political systems. And no matter how much they like to protest the opposite, no one, no supervisory board, no (share) owner, no administration, no court, no government and no parliament can control this game. The personal advantage, no matter what role and position, is reliable and represents the maximum of what is manageable for each individual in a growing construct ...

    A side effect of globalization that no one has considered is that the complexity of personal interests is also globalizing, multiplying and growing into the unmanageable.

  • The fundamental question – what are these people doing there?
    Where are the results of their work – finished cars?

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