Old Saab brochures are (dangerously) more than just automotive cultural assets

When I was in school in my hometown, before I went to boarding school, I had a friend who collected car brochures. He could tell me exactly which dealer had a chance of getting the latest prospectus and where children were being chased away. That also existed, because the dealers had to buy the brochures from the manufacturer, which we didn't know. In any case, for this reason we vowed never to buy an Opel or Mercedes. Because children were not treated well there. Eventually we forgot the oath. My friend had an impressive collection, while brochures were never really my thing. I preferred to go look at cars with my grandpa. It made the car salesmen, who were hoping for a contract, sweat while I sat admiringly next to it. I was way ahead of my friends with that.

Saab 900 Turbo Cockpit 1979 - an exclusive affair
Saab 900 Turbo Cockpit 1979 - an exclusive affair

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